Dec 29 2011

The Best Design Articles From 2011


  An annual tradition on Creative Nerds is as one year ends to take a look back at the past year. This post contains all the best articles which we have published on Creative Nerds through out 2011. I love looking back though...

Oct 31 2011

Best Of Web And Design In October 2011


Its the spookiest month of the year the month of Halloween. Surprisingly their has not been to many Halloween tutorials been released this month but nevertheless a great collection of some great Photoshop and illustrator tutorials...

Oct 24 2011

5 Marketing Tips For Freelance Designers


A business card is essential for marketing, just to quickly give to potential new clients who are interested within your design service a brief insight into learning more about you or how to get in touch. Within a business card si...

Sep 12 2011

How To Utilize An Ipad As Productivity Tool


I decided recently to purchase an Apple Ipad. I was just amazed by how much of a great productivity tool it could be if used smartly. Therefore I’ve decided to write this article upon how you can utilize a Ipad as tool for i...

Jun 13 2011

Super Simple SEO Tips Worth Implementing As A Newbie


I’m not claiming to be some sort of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guru, but these are a few SEO simple tips which I’ve learnt and picked up over years. Their just simple tips for better optimizing your website for search en...

Mar 14 2011

How Freelancers Can Ensure They Have A Productive Day


I don’t know about you but i just hate that feeling when you switch off your computer at the end of the day feeling that you have not accomplished anything throughout the day, it feels like a very unproductive day it’s just a ...

Feb 10 2011

400 Free Business Cards To Giveaway Courtesy Of Moo


Today we have something special and slightly different than our usual typical post. We have been given the opportunity to give away 100 business cards to 4 lucky winners, by the great folks over at MOO design one of the best busin...

Dec 27 2010

The Best Design Articles From 2010


Our 2010 edition of the best articles which have been featured on Creative Nerds through out 2010. A collection of good articles which may not of got the most traffic but where just considered by us as a good  post worth checking...

Dec 02 2010

Best Of Web And Design In November 2010


The end of year is rapidly approaching and as normal we have decide to wrap up what’s happening within the online design community in November and collected all the best links all into one post. Enjoy this monthly  wrap up ...