Jan 01 2015

The best design articles from 2014


Happy new year to all our readers on Creative Nerds, thanks so much everyone for your support through out 2014. We hope you stick around in 2014 for the exciting ride we have ahead of us, because we have some amazing stuff waiting...

Sep 08 2014

20 Blogs every web designer should be reading


As a web designer you should always be looking at skill development, and new tools and techniques to help further develop your skill set. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to learn new skills for free. We have put together an a gr...

Jan 13 2014

20 websites to find the best free fonts


Typography is a crucial part of any website design, or in fact any print design project. A good font selection and the right font combination can certainly make or break a design. This blog post is a showcase of the very best site...

Dec 23 2013

The best design articles from 2013


This is our annual tradition continued. We round-up the year by having a look back at some of our personal favourite design blog posts, which we have published on Creative Nerds  through out 2013. Its been a great 2013, and we ha...

Mar 04 2013

Vital Tips You Must Know When Designing E-mails


When designing and developing email newsletter campaigns you need to be aware of the fact that they play by their own set of rules, and are fairly different from designing and coding a website. This article we have tried to equip ...

Dec 27 2012

The Best Design Articles From 2012


This is the fourth edition in our annual tradition, which after every year draws to an end we like to reflect back on what was some of our personal favourite articles published on Creative Nerds. We Create so much content its so e...

Sep 17 2012

5 Ways To Avoid Wasting Time


Time is such a powerful commodity, and the thought of just wasting a few hours of my time is such a daunting thought. Time is so valuable, and one of the few things in life you can never redeem. This article is a collection of str...

Apr 05 2012

5 Things Your Web Design Portfolio Is Missing


Living in the 20th century being a web designer and not having a portfolio is simply ludicrous. A web portfolio is a powerful commodity, it’s the perfect way to present and sell yourself to new clients, and one of the easies...