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How Freelancers Can Ensure They Have A Productive Day


I don’t know about you but i just hate that feeling when you switch off your computer at the end of the day feeling that you have not accomplished anything throughout the day, it feels like a very unproductive day it’s just a horrid feeling. These are some essential tips in order to ensure you have a productive day as freelance designer.

Breakfast Every Dayceareal

It can be very tempting at times to skip breakfast and just get stuck straight into some work. Breakfast is the most important meal of day because your body has gone through the longest period of time without consuming any food or liquids. It’s important to have some food and drink to provide your body with the necessary minerals and vitamins, to give you enough energy to have a productive morning.

Task Management


Whenever I write an article regarding productivity I always seem to discuss task management, simply because it’s key for me for having a very productive day. I start the morning or night before by breaking my tasks for the day into small manageable tasks in the form of a list, therefore the following day I can be aware of what needs be done and at the end of the day and access whether I’ve had a very productive day or not. There’s a ton of great task management apps. I personally used Remember The Milk because it has a mobile app which allows you enter your tasks for the day via your mobile which attracted me to using it. There’s a ton of other great mobile apps if you find that Remember The Milk isn’t for you a few a few other apps i would recommend is Google tasks, and Things.

Start The Day With Some Exercise


Twice a week i like spend four hours at the gym lifting weights and doing cardio. Going to the gym helps me to get a clear mind and get me focused upon the day ahead of me, it’s also a changed instead of spending my day looking at 2 walls, a window and a door. Some people are creatures of habit but changes with your day to day routine may motivate you to work or refocus your productivity.

Wake Up Early And Go To Sleep Earlysleeping

Don’t sleep your life away wake up early and be pro active the earlier you start the earlier you can finish and can complete your workload. Freelancers have an tendency to work like a dog during night working on projects this is great being so enthusiastic about a project. Its sometimes good too finish early therefore so you have time to detach yourself away from the project your working on, so you have some time to chill out and just simply relax with your friends or family.

Wrapping up..

This is a collection of some essential tips which play a big role within my personal lifestyle and which each help me kick start my day productively. I hope you can implement these tips into your freelance lifestyle in order to help you have a productive day.

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