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How To Become One Of The World’s Best Designers

design-banner This article is several essential tips which can help you to grow as designer and overall just become a better all round designer.

Becoming part of the design community

logodesign-mistakes_0005_Layer 1 Becoming a better designer interacting with design community plays an important role. Interaction within the design community can involve participating in discussions within the comments on a design orientated blog post or may be even joining a design forum.

The benefit of becoming more part of the design community is it gives you the chance to share your knowledge expertise with other like minded designers, who will also do the same in return help expanding your existing knowledge.

Broaden your horizonslogodesign-mistakes_0004_Layer 2

It’s perfectly fine being a designer who may only feel comfortable and knowledgeable using Photoshop, but if you want grow as a designer become better why not learn how to use other programs there’s such a wide range of various design programs available for designers such as illustrator, inkscape, gimp etc.

Broadening your horizons in terms of what software your capable of using will make you a better designer, for example Photoshop is a rastrized software where as if you learnt how to use cinema 4D you would be able to incorporate 3D aspect and elements into your designs.

Constantly be learninglogodesign-mistakes_0000_Layer 5

As a designer you can never stop learning their are always some tips, tricks and techniques which you can add to you design arson, but how do you learn theses new skills?. There are a ton of blogs which offer step by step tutorials on how to create specific designs following that tutorial, even if you attempt to follow a tutorial and don’t complete it along the way your be sure to learn something new which is the beauty of doing tutorials and the techniques which you have picked up from the tutorials later on you can implement these techniques into your own designs.

These are two compilations which we have done on Creative Nerds, which are useful tutorial websites where you can learn Photoshop and illustrator.

· 40 Online Design Blogs To Turn You Into a Photoshop Guru

· 16 Design Blogs For Learning Illustrator

Reading design materiallogodesign-mistakes_0001_Shape 1

There’s so much design material out there to read especially on the web ensure that you set up an RSS account to subscribe to your favourite blogs. Reading content on design blogs keeps you up to date with the latest design trends keeping you in loop of what’s hot and what’s not. Reading online content is great but also choose to read books, because usually with web articles they usually only tend to scratch the surface on a particular topic where as a book are a lot more in-depth upon than specific topic.

Experimentationlogodesign-mistakes_0003_Layer 3

Be unique innovating experiment once in awhile in Photoshop or your application of choice on a blank canvas try to design and cook up ideas which are a little more outside of the box this gives you the chance to experiment and to put into practice techniques which you have learnt from tutorials. Every day try allocate some spare time in order to work on and just have play around designing cool designs even if it’s only 10 minutes you spend doing so.

Build an arson of inspiration

Building an arson of design inspiration involves saving images into a folder which you stumble across when searching the web just of creative designs for future reference, or alternatively bookmark your personal favourite sites which offer creative design inspiration. A lot of designers sometimes get to point when they get a designers block, which is when a designer struggles to come up with a new ideas for the direction they want to take their design. If you have built up an inspiration folder full of designs this can be referred help get your creative flare going and help generate some idea’s to be used within your own design you’re currently working on this will ensure you will never hit a creative block.

Final words Wrapping up..

Becoming a master at designing is a never ending process, becoming a better designer can be done within a short space of time making small changes within your life style can help make you become a better designer. There are some useful tips and advice in the article worth considering young or veteran designer i hope the advice is useful and take the tips on board.

Note: We thrive of comments there if you could leave a short comment showing your appreciation it would really be appreciated.

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31 thoughts on “How To Become One Of The World’s Best Designers

  1. Great tips! I agree that joining a design community is definitely a positive step any designer can do in order to better themselves as designers. It is always better to surround yourselves with like-minded individuals who you can share knowledge with in order to become a better designer.

  2. Fantastic article with really practical and action/result points. Anyone not reading this article or abiding by its remarks is destined to remain the same. This is a group worth being counted within; and being one of the best requires constant improvement and sharing.

  3. Very informative! I always try to dive-in in design articles through sharing my opinions even though I’m not that fluent in English. I often see other designers as a great challenge to be better and keep improving my skills.

  4. I think reading design material is very important but you have to make to effort of reading from different sources as you said.

    It’s like inspiration, don’t just look at other website, go out, read newspapers, go to the museum…. It’s like food really, the more you vary the better ;)

  5. Designers FTW!! Great Article, but as Ben said, there is no better inspiration than experiencing the outside world, its different cultures, colors and flavors! :D

  6. Awesome inspirational article. I’d say that the two most important points you mention are constantly be learning and experimenting.

    One can never learn something new and practice makes masters.

  7. It’s definitely hard, but I know how it feels to try and seek better knowledge and learn more stuff as a designer. At the end of it all, you’re at a good leverage which makes you better than before :) Onward with our knowledge of designs!

  8. I find it so hard to keep up with blogs and feeds. It is so easy to tangent away from the original article that I find myself on topics that are unrelated. Learning what to learn has been my biggest hurdle.

  9. Brilliant post! Reading and reading, sharing and sharing can give you so much. I’ve learned tons by sharing and discussing with other fellow freelancers.
    We recommend each other books we’re reading and blog articles, tuts, resources and so on.

    I love this… can’t get enough.


  10. Obvious tips. But ones which we tend to preach but seldom practice. Being around designers, not just like minded, various artists, of any field, really opens up your mind and you start to think differently, out of the box.
    Thanks a lot for the tips.

  11. While I agree entirely with the sentiment of the article, I’d also advise designers (and the writer of this piece) to gain a better grasp of their own language. The grammatical errors and use of language in this article is very poor. You may become a great designer, but a stupid spelling error will make you a laughing stock and lose you business.

    “Your” instead of “you’re”, sentences with missing words, “arson” instead of “arsenal”.

  12. Very insightful and true. When I become “creatively weary”, referring back to such powerful basics helps me to get back on track! Thanks for sharing!~

  13. Great article. I really agree that one of the most important parts about being a great designer is that you can never stop learning and you should always be trying something new. I like how you mentioned using Cinema to help you with designs that you do in photoshop, so many entry level designers don’t understand that you can use lots of programs to create a single design. I’ll be sure to check back for more great articles.

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