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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Freelance Designer Full-time


Freelancing is a great career choice, but it does not necessarily mean its the best career path suited for everyone. There’s certain skills you must have, in order to ensure you have a successful and prosperous freelance career. The article is not just tips for freelance designers, but freelancers of any profession.


Have I tried freelancing part time ?


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The best way to get a taste of freelancing is to do it initially part time. This will give you the best insight into whether your cut out to turn freelancing into your full time occupation. There’s a lot less to lose freelancing part time, and discovering freelancing is not for you, than finding out when pursuing freelancing full time.

Have i got a plan for a passive income to fall back on ?


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Have you got a plan of action to fall back on ? Its important to have an alternative source of income to fall back on multiple sources where you can generate an income from. Its important not be reliant on just the one income stream generated from freelancing projects, because client work you never know when it potentially may come to an halt. If you’re undertaking of new freelance projects ever slows down, its always good to have an alternative source of income for you to fall back on in order to keep the lights on in your apartment.

Do you have everything you need ?

The initial start up costs to kick start your freelancing career is fairly minimal. You don’t  need to invest huge amounts of money, and take huge financial risks to be successful. You do need factor in you need to have enough expenses to pay for software, hosting, marketing costs etc.

Am I good at Time management ?


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The last  thing you want to fall into is the trap, which most freelancers fall for not knowing how to manage your time. You don’t want to end up spending long nights ,and early mornings working on projects, for simple fact you don’t know how to manage your time appropriately. You don’t want freelancing to consume your life, it will only end in one outcome a burnt out.

Have I got a marketing plan ?


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Its important to have plan, for how you are going to market your freelancing service. Its a lot easier and less time consuming, for clients to discover your freelance service, rather than actively having seek out new freelancing opportunities, which can eat up a lot of valuable time which could be spent more productively.

Do you know how much you’re worth ?


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It’s important to establish an understanding upon how much your time is worth, in order to know the correct price to charge your clients. Its also important to ensure that your hourly cost will cover your outgoing costs, in order to make decent profit margin.

Wrapping up..

If you’re a currently freelancer what questions would of you asked yourself, If you were about to start your career as a freelance designer. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Freelance Designer Full-time

  1. Asking the question “Have I saved enough money?” would also help those web designers who want to go full time in freelancing. Of course, before going full time, one must also consider his/her savings if it’s enough to sustain his/her needs while still looking for a new project. Also, I think it’s also important to ask how big one’s network of clients so that he/she could make contact with them and submit project proposals

  2. A lot of people only focus on the promise of independence and increased income that seems to come with freelancing, however, in my opinion this is far from reality. Being a freelancer means that you have to cater to every aspect of your business: from administration to creative work, which equals spending more hours. You could also end up losing time on client revisions, requirements analysis meetings and consultations, which means you could be losing money. Just like the article states, dont consider freelancing until you have an understanding of the required skills for success.

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