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Best Of Web And Design In October 2011


Its the spookiest month of the year the month of Halloween. Surprisingly their has not been to many Halloween tutorials been released this month but nevertheless a great collection of some great Photoshop and illustrator tutorials as well as design articles.


Photoshop Tutorials

Create an Exploding Light Text Effect in Photoshop


In this tutorial I wanted to take a look at a couple of techniques for an exploding text effect. I knew going into this tutorial that I wanted a thick heavy font with portions that are corroding and breaking apart with various explosions, and I want some dramatic lighting to punch it up a bit.

Flaming Car in Photoshop by Lincoln Soaresfalming-car 

This week’s tutorial it will show you how to create a flaming car. We saw this effect before and it’s quite simple but it’s a good exercise and the result is quite good. You can also apply this effect on other images.

Colorful Retro Text Effectneon-text-effect  

This tutorial you will show you how to use Photoshop brushes and layer styles to create an awesome colorful retro text effect.

Vintage Typography Experiment in Illustrator and Photoshopinspiration-speaks   

So in this tutorial It will show you how to create a nice vintage/retro typography based on an artwork from the book New Vintage Type: Classic Fonts for the Digital Age. The whole process will take you 2-3 hours, but it’s quite simple. However it requires time. I hope you enjoy it and keep practicing always.



Illustrator Tutorials

How To Create a Gruesome Zombie Illustrationskull-handdrawn 

Follow this step by step Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a hand-drawn zombie illustration. We’ll use a photograph as a basic reference then use our Wacom tablet along with Illustrator’s vector brush tools to draw up various gruesome elements on our zombie character.

How To Create a Cute Hairy Vector Monster Charactermonster 

Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create a cute vector monster character. You’ll create the character from basic shapes to give a cute and friendly appearance then we’ll bring the character to life with gradient colours and a detailed fur effect.

Create a Neat Ribbon in Adobe Illustratorribbon  

Holidays are arriving. One of the most necessary things for gift wrapping is the ribbon. Today we will be learning how to create a vector illustration of a beautiful red ribbon in Adobe Illustrator. All you need is the Pen Tool, 3D effect Extrude & Bevel and a good taste in color selection. This could be a nice practice for less skilled Pen Tool users.


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a folded paper text effect in Illustrator.



We’re Evolving, But It’s Not the End of the Worldevolution 

Up until about ten thousand years ago we (man) were hunter-gatherers. The period following that saw us apply our brains a bit more and embrace agriculturalism. In any case, it’s only relatively recently that we’ve been able to survive without using the muscles and physical attributes which we’ve always depended on. I can’t help but feel that’s a shame.

10 Ways to Win Back a Former Client10-ways-to-win  

You may have heard this before: The fastest and easiest way to get work is with your former clients.

7 Blog Design Tips from a Content Strategist7ways   

As a content specialist, I prefer web designs that support content rather than conflict with or ignore it. Web designers should have a real appreciation of content strategybecause it is crucial in launching a successful blog.

10+ productivity tips when working from homeclock    

It does not matter if you work from home full time, or just for a few hours, distractions are always there. Social networking, games or internet itself is always much more fun then this task you are working on.

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5 thoughts on “Best Of Web And Design In October 2011

  1. Fantastic post. I really like the flaming car Photoshop tutorial – pretty amazing effect. And great combination or “list” as others are saying – these sites really contain some top notch material. Thats for sure!

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