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5 reasons to sign up for Creative Nerds premium

Creative Nerds premium is our premium subscription design service where you get access to a library’s of hundreds of design resources. Its an affordable yet high quality library of resources, which is superb value for money. Its a great way to support Creative Nerds, and get your hands on some ranges of design resources from photoshop brushes to vectors.

This post is is covering 5 reasons why you should sign up to Creative Nerds premium, and why you may choose to become a member. You support is immensely appreciated when you join us to become part of our exclusive membership club.

1. Access to hundreds of resources

Creative Nerds Premium is an extension of the blog. The value of becoming a premium member is you will be given access to an exclusive library of high quality design resources. From amazing Photoshop brushes to seamless vector patterns currently available on the site.

2. Good value for money

The membership costs $15.99(USD) for a year, where you can download all existing resources available on Creative Nerds Premium. This is just over a dollar each month, which equates to less than cup of coffee.

3. A great way to support Creative Nerds

The revenue generated from Creative Nerds Premium goes into producing even more resources and upkeep of the day day cost of running Creative Nerds our blog. Not only do you get access to some great resources, but help support us.

4. New resources every month

Where constantly adding new high quality resources to the premium section constantly striving to make it even better and better. There’s resources added every month, which you can download as part of your membership.

5. Can be use in commercial projects

All of the resources can be used in commercial and personal design projects, but must not be directly resold or redistributed under any circumstance without the permission of Creative Premium Team.


Please feel free to Creative Nerds premium, and some of the awsome design resources available on the site.

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