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Simple Ways As A Freelancer To Make A Better Work Life Balance

A short but sweet insightful article upon how you can balance life as freelancer, working extremly hard while at the same time finding time for a personal life and making your job occupation a lot less irritable. This article will enable you to enjoy some of the more enjoyable perks of being a freelancer.

Take a step back away from the computer

(The image is curtsey of big stock of a tired freelancer)

If your a freelancer your more than likely to spend a large portion of your day sitting down glancing into a computer screen for a long duration of time. Try detaching yourself away from the computer during a set period of time or over a specific day, it’s good to take your mind away from thinking about work as well as taking your mind away from the temptation of wanting to do even the slightest little bit of work.

Try to incorporate some sort of exercise or activity which doesn’t involve sitting down, into your daily or weekly routine. Try running or walking to get rid of some of that lactic acid which may have built up within your body’s muscles, from sitting down on a computer chair for a long period  time with just small limited movements.

Taking a step back away from the computer can be easier said than done at times but giving yourself a time allocation, where you don’t work outside of those allocated times will truly help you to find the perfect work hard play hard life style balance.

Sometimes you just have to say no

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As a freelance of any niche it can be extremely difficult at times to turn down paying clients, because you never know when you may be receiving your next pay check from a client.

Its easy to say Yes to every client which approaches you but all this means is your work will take over your social life, because you need to work additional hours in order be capable of completing all those additional projects which you may have undertaken. Working so hard will only result in two things the quality of your your work not been up to your usual standard. You will eventual get to a stage where your physically and mentally burned out from spending so much time working.

Have a limit on how many projects you will commit your time to at once, and try not to ever go over that set limit.

Managing your time as well as tasks

(The image is curtsey of big stock of a list )

I start the morning or night before by breaking my tasks for the day into small manageable tasks in the form of a list, therefore the following day I can be aware of what needs be done and at the end of the day and assess whether I’ve had a very productive day or not.

There’s a ton of great task management apps. I personally used Remember The Milk because it has a mobile app which allows you enter your tasks for the day via your mobile which attracted me to using it. There’s a ton of other great mobile apps if you find that Remember The Milk isn’t for you a few a few other apps i would recommend is Google tasks, and Things.

Even superman needs time to rest

(The image is curtsey of big stock of a superhero)

Even if your a superhereo batman or superman, they need time to rest and recover and the sames goes for a freelancer. Spending long nights and early mornings working on projects is taxing on your body.

Work smarter not harder, don’t sacrifice the high quality standard which your offer to clients simple because your tired and unable to work to your full potential.

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