Mar 26 2012

Why Freelancing Is Not The Dream Job For You


Many web designers at some point I’m sure will take into consideration pursuing career as a freelancer, rather than working for a web design firm, simply because of the many perks which come with freelancing compared to work...

Feb 27 2012

5 reasons you should become a freelance designer


A lot of people can be very sceptical about pursuing a career as a freelance designer. Freelancing can be seen as not a secure income, where as being an in house designer or web designer offers more stability. Through out this art...

Jan 01 2012

Happy New Year 2012


New year new start, set new new targets achieve new goals. Nothings unachievable as long as your prepared to work hard. Once again happy new year and I hope the new year is a prosperous one, and you continue to read and support Cr...

Dec 15 2011

Why Every Designer Should Use Photoshop Actions


Photoshop actions are frowned upon by designers and photographers at times. This article is a collection of 5 beneficial tips for why you should use Photoshop actions rather than avoid using Photoshop actions....