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Why Freelance Web Designers Fail


Freelancing is a tough business, which consists of long nights and early starts. The purpose of this article is to share our words of wisdom, in order to ensure if you’re making the transition to freelancing it can be a successful career. Avoiding the common pitfalls, which a lot of freelancers fall into.


Lack of  planning and organisational skills

Planning is an essential fundamental aspect of freelancing, without planning and organisational skills you will not get far. Its essential you have everything in order invoices, taxes, contracts, clients etc. Where a lot of freelancers go wrong is by not paying attention to the finer details, and neglecting those not so fun but more important aspects of freelancing. Planning and organisational skills should not be overlooked, and is certainly a skill set every freelancer should acquire.


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Not actively seeking new clients

A lot people develop a website, which has a nice design and clean code, then expect the clients to come rolling in. You can’t have that mentality of build a great website, and clients will come. You may get the odd client who has stumbled across your website, but not enough clients to sustain a decent income. It’s important you’re actively seeking new clients. Asking existing clients to recommend you to friends, checking website freelance job boards, contacting local businesses within your area etc.


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Lazy or need guidance

People have this misconception about freelancing, they believe it to be the dream job late starts and early finishes. If you believe the same, then be prepared to enlightened. You need to have a lot of self discipline, and know how to manage your time efficiently, as well knowing how to handle competing priorities. Freelancing has minimal start up cost, which draws people to freelancing.Freelancing is not an easy occupation its hard work. If you’re not prepared to work hard, and a self-starter then choose an alternative occupation those are both two vital skills.

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Not finding the right fee to charge

Where a lot of people go wrong is not finding a good pricing structure. Freelancers have a tendency to overvalue their design service, by charging the same fee a large corporate design agency would charge. Undervaluing the design service is also a common practice implemented by freelancers. Its all about experimenting with pricing finding right balance, in order to earn an income which is a fair valuation of your time spent working on that project.


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Working for too long

Spending 18 hours a day freelancing is great for your bank account, but no so good for your health. It truly is taxing upon your body working for so long with a small amount of rest, it will only lead to a burnout period, which will result with you being unable to work to your full potential, or unable to work at all.


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Have your say in the comments

What advice would you offer to freelancers to ensure they have a long and prosperous career within freelancing. I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section, upon how to avoid failure as freelancer.

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9 thoughts on “Why Freelance Web Designers Fail

  1. anybody think that’s possible to learn by yourself? without any lessons, just by reading guides and references on the web? thanks

  2. This article is very useful for me.
    Exactly written for me.

    I’ll try to follow the suggestions given in this article.

  3. I would add 3 more items to the list:

    1. Not having a strong online portfolio
    2. Not organizing the portfolio well so clients can find your stuff.
    3. Not promoting the online portfolio in the right places (, behance etc).

  4. I loved the “Working too long” image there. Wow, been there many a times. Freelancing can be fun, but I don’t think anyone can do it forever. If you can, you usually end up going all the way and establishing your own studio of some sort. Day in and day out doing other peoples daily grind can be a grind in itself. Still, I think every one should experience it once! I figure most of us have no choice in the matter usually. ;)

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