6 Tips For Making Photoshop CS6 Faster


Photoshop CS6 is truly an amazing application, and adobe have made some fantastic enhancements. The only drawback I found upgrading from CS3 to CS6 was the speed differential between the two applications. When using Photoshop CS6 I always felt i was unable to work efficiently, because i found it was incredibly slow. I’m sure I’m not the only person to express the same feelings towards CS6.

In this video article which is short, but insightful we are going to share some really easy tips for making Photoshop faster. The quick tips don’t require you to be a Photoshop wizard, in order to implement the amendments. We have put together a video screencast, which makes the tips extremely easy to follow.

Follow Along with me on the video screencast

Adjusting The memory use allocated to Photoshop

If you allocate Photoshop to use more of the ram, this will speed up Photoshop. When you allocate ram don’t allocate too much ram to Photoshop, because it will decrease speed of other programs which you may have running alongside Photoshop.

Closing any large files in Photoshop

Always close large files which you may have open in Photoshop, which you may not be using. Having to many large files open, and running will significantly decrease the speed.

Turning off features

Turning off unnecessary features in Photoshop CS6 will significantly increase the speed, turning offer the following options. Turn off animated zoom, and turning off image previews.

Changing cache in Photoshop

What i found helped increased the most was changing the levels in Photoshop. C hanging the cache from to 4 to 1 was a huge help.

Change drawing mode

I’m not entirely sure if this is a default setting, but ensuring drawing mode is basic you will notice a difference in speed.

Your Say

I’m sure i am just scratching the surface upon ways how you can increase speed, and efficiency in Photoshop. I would love to hear your tips, as well as your thoughts on the article. Has it been of any help to you the video?






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  • psd2htmlpros

    I was looking for something like this. Since some of our computers are a little outdated and Adobe software is only getting bigger, we needed something to speed it up when we have multiple Adobe programs running at once.

  • DesignFacet

    Cool Thanks for sharing.

  • Bojan Živković

    Quite any other software you are running while working in Photoshop, in Preferences > Performance minimize number of History States if you do not need them, in Scratch Disc check any additional disk with lot of memory, in Preferences > Plug-Ins disable any unnecessary additional plugin, in Preferences > Type set Font Preview Size set to Small. By the way it is not necessary to exit Preferences dialog each time you change settings, you can change all of mentioned from once.

    • TimothyBlake

      @Bojan – thanks for the comment are try that out.

  • Bojan

    @Timothy those are settings available in preferences but there are other things to do to speed up Photoshop: minimize number of Smart Objects which are one of best features in Photoshop but they need lot of memory, delete all hidden layers you do not plan to use, delete all empty layers, flatten all layers you can, apply blend mode using adjustment layers (instead of duplicating layer just create any adjustment layer above and apply blend mode) or even cut all plugins you do not need in that session (there are folders with plugins and .8bf -Photoshop Plug-in Filter file) from Adobe Photoshop \Plug-ins and paste them somewhere else, when you need them again, cut and paste again in Adobe Photoshop \Plug-ins.

    • TimothyBlake

      @Bojan – Some great tips you recommended.I may need to do a part 2 to this article. I just never knew there was so many other ways to speed up photoshop. I was checking out your blog you have produced some great content.

  • Bojan Živković

    @Timothy, thank you, you can find posts about everything mentioned above beside how to cut all plugins from Plug-ins folder because it can cause problem for those who are not very familiar with plugins and how that works.

  • Stella

    It’s so helpful for me! My photoshop is so slower…and i dont know why…and i know how to make it faster

  • Sila Mahmud

    wow.. Fantastic steps.. I really like it. keep
    up :-)