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2013: 90% of Developers Embrace HTML5 Development. Find Out Why?


It is no surprise to see HTML5 acquiring the much hyped importance, it ever yearned for. It is an alive, thriving and aspiring platform of the future. This article tells you why 90% of developers will embrace HTML5 in 2013 and what makes it unique?

HTML5 is set to mark a new beginning in web development. It is smart, intuitive, fresh, adaptable and extremely versatile. Here’s a treat by Mozilla developer’s Network for HTML5 lovers – a resource of the most updated elements, behaviours, and attributes of HTML5. It is everything, that we as a developer want it to be!

HTML5 is a living standard as it lets us develop niche and custom experiences. On its own HTML5 is a good to work with language. What makes it really dynamic is Us – our creativity and expertise as a developer – has made it a roaring innovation in the world of web and app development.

Responsive design offers a fertile play-ground for HTML5. Since, it utilizes the same elements such as CSS3, JavaScript and HTML. In simple words, HTML5 helps to develop unique experiences which the user can carry around with them. In today’s fast paced, information-hungry world Content Strategization is a defining factor for enterprises. With the development of HTML5 responsive websites and apps via HTML5 businesses can be empowered to cross boundaries and market content unlike before, thus, multiplying profits in the long run.


As per a survey by Kendo UI it states that 90% of developers plan to develop using HTML5 in 2013. The primary advantage with HTML5 is that it supports cross-platform development. This in tun helps to eliminate extra cost, time and energy for development and is much faster.

Users today do not want to stay ignorant. They wish to know everything about the brand before they can establish a relation with it. HTML5 has revolutionized Content marketing like never before. What differentiates a good content from great content is its usability, reach and repeated traffic it generates. Don’t fret, if you are not aware about the technicalities of it. Just hire a good HTML5 developer to allow better flow and structure into your content.

What makes HTML5 truly inevitable for business verticals are its following qualities:







Easy development process

Wider reach

Cost effective

Easy to maintain

Content creation and marketing

Todd Anglin EVP Kendo UI made a statement “One thing that gets overlooked often in the Facebook news is that Facebook hasn’t abandoned HTML5 at all … just changed their use of it.” So what exactly are developers using HTML5 for? According to an infographic released by Kendo UI’s Global Developer Survey here are the top five apps being built using HTML5:


  • Productivity – 54%
  • Utility – 38%
  • Consumer – 35%
  • LOB – 2%
  • Social Networking – 18%

To Summarize

As contrary to prior belief I do not feel HTML5 is a hyped technology. It is very much needed as it is solution-driven in its application(s). Plus, it offers a dynamic support mechanism for enterprises to thrive and expand well.

With the developer community taking a keen interest in its present and future it is no doubt it will continue to flourish. From mobile to desktops, almost every device will have to migrate to HTML5 in times to come for a sustainable future.

Helen Thomas Author Bio:

Helen Thomas works for PLAVEB, a leading HTML5 Development company located in Los Angeles. She is passionate about web development and enjoys sharing his insights on HTML5 and related technologies. Follow her on Facebook and Google+.

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