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Challengers As A Freelancer You Must Be Prepared To Face


As a freelancer there are several challenges and hurdles, which you must be prepared to face. The article is advice for freelance newbie’s, or people considering transitioning to freelancing. This will help to give you an insight into the challenges, you may face along your journey.


Being prepared to wear many hats

Freelancing is more than playing around with pretty colours, and receiving a big fat cheque at the end of project. There is so many roles as a freelancer which you must prepared  to undertake marketing, accounting, taxes etc, there is ever so many rolls you must fulfil in order to survive as a freelancer.bigstock-Overwhelmed-2128162

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Working on projects you hate but doing it like you love it

Not every freelance project you undertake will you enjoy working on.There will be  many projects which you may find boring, but must find the motivation, and enthusiasm to produce your best work, in order to meet clients expectations.


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Keeping track of income expenditures

The main objective of freelancing is to generate an income, therefore you must have an understanding upon how much money you’re earning, and your expenditures. If you are spending more than you’re earning, your going to be burning a big hole in your pocket. Budgeting and keeping track of your money, is essential for a long and prosperous career.


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Saying no to paying clients

This is one of the most difficult decisions, I’m sure you will be faced with, turning down paying clients. Sometimes its more beneficial to turn down projects, rather than accepting them. Time is money. Any project which is a large consumption of time for a small fee is never worth doing.

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Working fast and efficiently

This is another difficult challenge being capable of working fast and efficiently, while still producing your best possible work. It’s vital to work quickly in order to meet project deadlines, and to move on to other paying projects, which may be awaiting.bigstock-Fast-Typing-97747

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Wrapping up..

I hope you find the tips useful, and you’re now aware of the challenges which awaits you with freelancing. I would love to hear the in comments your thoughts on challenges every freelancer must prepared to face.

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4 thoughts on “Challengers As A Freelancer You Must Be Prepared To Face

  1. Freelancing is def not easy. You have to take on a lot of problems at once, but the ultimate challenge obviously is keeping enough work coming into to pay the bills.

  2. The trick to learn is to nurture your well-paying clients and ditch the ones that drag you down making you unproductive. Follow the 80-20 rule (80% of your business will come from 20% of your clients).

    Another tip is to utilise online tools to make the boring tasks simple (and even fun), for instance invoicing and tax accounting is a snap with tools like Clearbooks and Freshbooks.

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