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Sep 08 2014

20 Blogs every web designer should be reading


As a web designer you should always be looking at skill development, and new tools and techniques to help further develop your skill set. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to learn new skills for free. We have put together an a gr...

Aug 04 2014

Every CSS filter every web designer must know


CSS filters are a great way to enhance and edit photos without the use of Photoshop.They allow you to use pure CSS to apply popular Photoshop style filters such as desaturate, blur, invert etc. It’s very rarely these day that I ...

Jan 20 2014

20 Free Photoshop PSD flat UI kits


The hottest web design trend at the moment is certainly flat web design avoiding some of the most common web design practices such as gradients, shadows, and simple avoiding any  sense of a three dimensional feel to the design. I...

Nov 05 2012

20 Must See Infographics For Web Designers


I have fallen in love with infographics, they provide valuable information, and take less than few minutes to consume that information. Its one of the best methods, for gaining an indepth understanding upon a topic without the nee...

Apr 23 2012

20 Free E-books For Web Designers


E-books are great way to learn more about web design. E-books can truly provide you a fountain of knowledge of information and there’s a lot to be learnt. The beauty of ebooks is that there short and insightful not as a long...

Apr 05 2012

5 Things Your Web Design Portfolio Is Missing


Living in the 20th century being a web designer and not having a portfolio is simply ludicrous. A web portfolio is a powerful commodity, it’s the perfect way to present and sell yourself to new clients, and one of the easies...

Mar 26 2012

Why Freelancing Is Not The Dream Job For You


Many web designers at some point I’m sure will take into consideration pursuing career as a freelancer, rather than working for a web design firm, simply because of the many perks which come with freelancing compared to work...

Jun 13 2011

Super Simple SEO Tips Worth Implementing As A Newbie


I’m not claiming to be some sort of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guru, but these are a few SEO simple tips which I’ve learnt and picked up over years. Their just simple tips for better optimizing your website for search en...