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Sep 04 2017

20 Quirky modern examples of photo manipulations


In this round up where showcasing modern examples of quirky photo manipulations. It’s always a great source of design inspiration when viewing images that are manipulated using Photoshop to create the ultimate photograph. These ...

Nov 02 2015

30 Free PSD mock up designs templates


PSD mock ups are a great way to showcase your creative design work, whether it be leaflet designs, magazines, mock-ups etc. This roundup we have gathered a collection of  30 free best mock-up templates, which are all free and sup...

Nov 04 2013

Jaw dropping 80s style neon artwork designs


This post is a flash back to 80’s looking at ever so popular design trend then neon style movie poster designs. We have decided to showcase in this article our personal favorite designs inspired this design trend, which first st...

Mar 11 2013

20 Amazing Geometric Illustration Designs


Geometric illustrations is a popular design trend  utilized by modern designers, which consists of sharp edges and off beat colour combinations. This round up we have compiled a collection some of the very best vibrant geometric ...

Oct 29 2012

40 Funny But Creative Photo Manipulation Designs


A photo manipulation consists of a digital photograph, which image editing has been applied to that photography usually using an applications like photoshop or gimp. The photomanipulation purpose is to add a sense of deception or ...

Sep 24 2012

30 Extremely Creative Billboard Designs


Creativity can be found every where, even in one of the most popular methods for advertising services or products billboards. This post a is a collection of truly creative billboard designs, which i’m more than certain ...