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30 Extremely Creative Billboard Designs


Creativity can be found every where, even in one of the most popular methods for advertising services or products billboards. This post a is a collection of truly creative billboard designs, which i’m more than certain you will have an apprication for.  What i like about this post is all billboard designs are different, and are outside of the box and don’t follow the userall billboard design format. What I find with most billboards they do not demand your attention, and certainly do not make you look twice at the billboard design.

I hope tou enjoy the roundup, and would love for you to share in the comments section your favorate billboard design. Try not to scan through the billboard designs, try and grasp the creativity which has been applied to that specific billboard.

1. Panasonic nose trimmer: Fatty


2. Elm Grove Police Department: Slower is betterslow-is-better

3. …but now !!


4. Nike’s transparent billboardnike-run-billboard-design

5. Pimple Climbing


6. The Naval Museum of Alberta: Billboardnavel-musem

7. Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collisiontail-gating-isnt-worth-it

8. BBC: See both sides of the storyboth-sides-of-the-story

9. Don’t drop your girl


10. Quit Plan


11. Koleston Naturals: Changekoleston

12. Adidas: Petr Cech


13. Tylenol


14. Nikon D700 Guerrilla Style Billboardnikion

15. Oldtimer Restaurants: Tunnelold-timer

16. Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisibleinvisible-children

17. Alcro: Colour Tackle


18. Transparent Billboards Promoting Sony PSPpsp

19. Adidas


20. Life to short doing a job you hatelife-to-short-doing-a-job-you-hate

21. Real hip Hop


22. Amnesty double billboard “Scream”make-smoke-noise

23. McDonald’s: Fresh salad billboardmcdonalds-fresh-salad-billboard

24. Denver Water: Bearddenver-water-beared

25. CNN: Stories with the real backgroundUntitled-1

26. Ford Motor Company: Burnoutford-motor-company

27. DHL: Maze


28. Regional Environmental Awareness: Swimming poolregional-enviorment

29. Use Only What You Needuse-only-what-uou-need

30. The razor sharp billboardrazor-sharp

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5 thoughts on “30 Extremely Creative Billboard Designs

  1. Billboard advertising is one of the most effective and orthodox idea, which not only attracts visitors but also improves the business. I like the quit plan and Hip Hop.

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