30 Awesome Examples Of Light Graffiti


A collection of 30 awesome examples of light graffiti. A great design trend which not a lot of people are aware of therefore this article showcases the best light graffiti designs. These are pretty simple designs but with a great concept be hide each design, which makes each one look so great and stand from many other designs.


1) kapow


2) Under My Umbrella


3) Getting chased…


4) Walking The Dog


5) Gabe vs Gabe!


6) Light Angel


7) Bin


8) mochipet


9) Light painting


10) Light painting 2


11) Pet


12) Hadouken


13) Dollars Energie


14) Light Sword


15) Tug-of-War


16) AH! Real Monsters?


17) Biggest


18) Orb by KNEX


19) What Beer Are You?


20) waste.removal


21) feb light graffiti 032


22) The Path of Light


23) For "A"


24) Bondage


25) turning on the lights


26) light graffiti


27) light graffiti 2


28) Light Bins


29) Why so serious ?


30) Alone




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  • Gelay

    Nice. How do you create a light graffiti?

    • TimothyBlake

      @Gelay – This was a pretty interesting article i came across when creating the post which explained briefly how to create graffiti art. I hope its helpful and thanks for the comment.

  • sarah

    quality, I like this, I saw something like this on

  • TimothyBlake

    @sarah -I’m pleased you like the post, are check that link out thanks for sharing and for the comment.

  • Sebastien

    @gelay: I have explain a little bit about it here (; about 30 light painting photos as well.

  • Amy

    love it!

  • Virtual Monk

    I love this Stuff.

  • Nora Reed

    These are really creative and interesting. I keep looking at it and still can figure out just how it is done. They are a lot of fun though.

  • Calila

    Very cool and creative.
    I’ll try some day to do something like this, and do my own graffitis. And of course, have some fun. It looks like so much fun.


  • TimothyBlake

    @Nora Reed – They where my first thoughts when i was creating post how are these actually created ? thanks for the great comment.

  • fightshark

    wow. these are awesome. thanks for sharing.

  • Jon

    Light graffiti is pretty sweet. Check out some of the stuff I did. =)

  • bebopdesigner

    Wicked! these are the coolest graffittis I’ve seen this month. Thanks for posting.

  • Anthony Alexander

    I love humans, i really do.

  • Raul

    nice list!

  • Benjamin Reid

    Wow, I so want a go.

  • Yari

    These are amazing! I can’t wait to share these with a few of my photographer friends (and to try some myself!)

  • Arron Davies

    I love both the bin pictures, they make my laugh, lol

    PS: the comment of whetetriftern is spam i have the same on my blog.

  • ne

    I think these are made with photoshop light brushes. otherwise, i can’t think it’s possible.
    if it is indeed brushes, the images look real so kudos for that.

  • TimothyBlake

    @na – I don’t think you could use brushes to produce these types of images, thanks for comment.

  • Art Nanny

    It’s easy if you know how. You’ll need a tripod, a flashlight or lighter, a camera with manual controls and the know-how to make a timed auto exposure photograph. Set your camera to 30 secs or so. Then press the shutter – while working in the dark, draw something with a flashlight or lighter. Voila!

    • TimothyBlake

      Art Nanny @ – So thats how its done, thanks for the comment i know a lot of people will be eager to try this out.

  • SharePoint Guy

    Woy! Very funny images! I like it

  • tom

    if thats how its done then the person drawing the light image would be in the picture?

    • TimothyBlake

      @tom – Thanks for a very interesting comment , i never thought about that how come the person does not appear in the picture.

  • Matthieu

    You can whatch my work :

  • cleodev

    Remarkable question

  • bitlimakina

    Very funny images. Thanks for sharing.

  • Steffy

    this is great. it’s simple yet wonderful! :)

  • Dennis

    nice stuff!!!
    i also tried something like this :D
    you can check it at:

  • Robert Smith

    Very interesting!I

  • Mary Criswell

    Good Thank you It


    the lightgraffiti one with the guitar is awesome!!

  • Vass88

    No 18 Orb by Knex was done by me, there is no Photoshop, this is all in camera.
    Check my flickr site and tutorials online for how to do these fun photos.

  • Vass88

    NE and TOM, no photoshop, we dont appear in the image as we are not lit, the expoure can be 30 seconds or more.