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The evolution olympics logo From 1924 To 2024

The highly-anticipated Olympics will be making its grand return to Europe, specifically in the vibrant city of Paris, France, during the warm summer months of 2012. As many are aware, the Olympics is a globally recognized event that bears the title of being the oldest of its kind in the realm of sports. The inaugural Olympics laid its roots back in the year 1986, in the historical country of Greece, a place renowned for its ancient civilizations and contributions to society.

Over the past century, the design of the logo, a symbol that encapsulates the spirit and identity of the Olympics, has undergone a series of drastic transformations, as one might expect considering the passage of time and the changes in design trends. This post is dedicated to showcasing the remarkable evolution of the Olympics logo, tracing its journey from the design of 1924 to the more recent one of 2022.


Paris, France Olympics 1924 Logo olympic-paris-france-logo-design

Amsterdam, Netherlands Olympics 1928 Logoolympic-1928-logo-design

Los Angeles, United States Olympics 1932 Logoolympic-1932-logo-design

Berlin, Germany Olympics 1936 Logoolmypic-logo-1936-germany

Both 1940 and 1944 Olympics was cancelled because of world war 2

London, Great Britain Olympics 1948 Logo1948-olmypic-london-logo

Helsinki, Finland  Olympics 1952 Logohelenski-olmypic-logo-1952

Melbourne, Australia & Stockholm, Sweden Olympics 1956 Logo1956-olmypic-logo-design

Rome, Italy Olympics 1960 Logorome-italy-logo-design-1960

Tokyo, Japan 1964 Olympics Logotokyo-1964-olmypic-logo

Mexico City, Mexico Olympics 1968 Logomexico-1968

Munich, West Germany Olympics 1972 Logomunich-olmypic-logo-1972

Montreal, Canada Olympics 1976 Logo1976-olympic-logo-design

Moscow, Soviet Union Olympics 1980 Logo1980-olympics-logo-design

Los Angeles, United States Olympics 1984 Logolos-angeles-logo-1984

Seoul, South Korea Olympics 1988 Logoseoul-olympics-logo-1988

Barcelona, Spain Olympics 1992 Logobarcelona-1992-olmypic

Atlanta, United States Olympics 1996 Logo1996-atlanta-olympic-logo-design

Sydney, Australia Olympics 2000 Logosydney-2000-logo-design

Athens, Greece 2004 Logo


Beijing, China 2008 Logo


London, Great Britain 2012 Logo2012-olympic-logo-design

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016 Logo2016-olympic-logo-design

Tokyo, Japan 2020 Logo

Paris, France 2024 Logo

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