20 Truly Beautiful Typography Poster Designs


A great collection of how powerful typography has been utilized within modern poster designs to create unique and attractive designs. This is a trend which i can see becoming more and more popular, simplicity with posters and more focus on the use of good typography. I hope you have enjoyed the article and i would love to hear your thoughts on the post.


1. Jimi Hendrixjimmy-hendricks

2. Older Type Worksold-type

3. Hug Posterhug

4. Typo-graphic Dopetype-graphic

5. Think Differently London 2think-like-adult

6. Love Makes Many…love-makes-many

7. Danny Pigdanny-pig

8. Im lost without coloursimon-page

9. Extra


10. Helvetica Posterhelvicita 

11. Typography is Tediousrypography

12. Thinking Around – Typographyc postersnothing-can-stop

13. Good Morning Strangergoodmorning

14. T”ypography Posterbluetypography

15. Display Typefacedisplay-typeface

16. Some People refuse 2 b defaultrefuse

17. I live tall treetall-tree

18. Movie_posterwimwenders

19. Ink And Waterink-and-water-dont-mix

20. We Are All Made Of Starswe-are-all-made-of-stars


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  • Damian Hernandez

    Well done! love the designs made with Code Bold Font.
    Check out this one too :)

  • renra cikatos

    very wonderful…the best inspirations

  • Josh

    Can anyone honestly read all of the Jimi Hendrix poster details?

  • sahar

    thank u so much!your collection was very useful for me.

  • Masood

    Amazing Designz…All are excellent..I like the 19th one…It is simple and superb…

  • Shamim cpz

    for sharing such informative post its help me to know deeply Photoshop work
    step by step.

  • clipping path

    wow ! nice and stunning poster design .especially no 2 is awesome for me .thanks
    clipping path

  • R.K. Jakhar

    I love typography. Hats off to you for collecting such stuff to showcase. Simply amazing. We pick some design from your website.