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20 Funny T-shirt Designs For designers And Web designers


This article is great collection of geeky T-shirt designs with cool tag lines created especially for designers and web geeks, this is a great collection of garments which every designer must consider having within there wardrobe.  20 Funny T-shirt Designs For designers And Web designers

If you could choose one T-shirt to have within your wardrobe from the post which would it be, we would love find out which is you favourite from the article with a short comment below.

1. Oh, Crop T-Shirtohcrop-tshirt

2. Don’t Use Tables Tshirtstables

3. Give Me A Breakgive-me-a-break

4. Eat Sleep Web Design Shirteat-sleep-webdesign

5. I Know HTML T-Shirti-know-html

6. </head><body> tee shirtshead-body

7. Helvetica is Just My Type – Helvetica T-shirthelvicta-type

8. Lorem Ipsumloremipsum

9. CSS does it with style T Shirtcss-does-it-with-style

10. You Are The CSS To My HTML T-Shirtcss-to-my-html

11. I trash IE6 T Shirtitrash-ie

12. Photoshop T-Shirtphotoshop-distoring

13. VALID-CSS TEE SHIRTvalid-css

14. CSS Ninja Style T-Shirtninja-visbilty

15. CSS Sensei Tshirtcss-sensi

16. Motherfucking HTML T-Shirtxtohtml

17. 404 Error T Shirt error-404

18. Photoshop – Helping the Ugly Since 1988photoshop-helping-the-ugly

19. Girls Like My BODY Men’s Sleeveless Teegirls-like-my-body

20. The CSS Diet T-shirtbody-width-padding

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