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Showcase – free Flickr Portfolio website template

Showcase is a clever website how it works is it pulls through your Flickr feed directly from Flickr’s API. It pulls through the images into small thumbnails, and when clicked opens into a light box. The website is responsive...


Orange Summer seamless petal vector pattern

A vibrant orange summer seamless vector pattern to use in summer festival designs. The beauty of this patterns we created on Creative Nerds is that they can be used in both print and web design projects download the pattern. Pleas...


50 best free html responsive templates

In modern web design user experiencing should be at the forefront of every web designers mind, so that its a good user experience regardless of what device you’re using, whether it be a smart phone or a tablet especially how...


25 CSS3 Free Buttons For Designers

As a web designer or web developer  its always handy to have some free sophisticated predefined CSS3 buttons, which can be incorporated straight into your design projects. Its a huge time saver having pre maid buttons, w...


20 Tutorials For Learning Adobe Fireworks Basics

When designing weather its a web design project or a print project a lot peoples tool of choice is always Photoshop, but fireworks is just as good, or some would even argue better than Photoshop.  Fireworks is designed purposel...