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20 Best Free Chunky Fonts

A handpicked selection of the very best free fonts. All these fonts featured in this roundup of large chunky fonts are perfect to be used in print and web design. Most of the fonts featured in the blog post can be used in commerci...


20 Fresh Awesome Free Fonts From 2013

I am certainly a font fanatic, and always actively seeking out the latest new fonts to add to my growing collection. This round-up I have researched the best free fonts, which where created in 2013 available to download for free a...


65 Best Free Fonts From 2012

Font compilation roundups always seem to go down a treat with our readers. This post we have been on a scavenger hunt all over internet, in search of all the best fonts which were created in 2012. The post includes over 65 fonts p...


20 Free Fonts Used In Iconic Movies

A collection of 20 free fonts in total used in iconic movies. I’m a designer at heart and when ever I’m watching a movie si always pay attention to the typography used in the movie. If your anything like me you can now inc...


20 Best Free Fonts From 2011

Theirs so many fonts constantly been released through out this year, therefore its hard to keep track of the best free fonts. This post is a compilation of the top 20 best free fonts from 2011 for you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy th...