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20 fresh free fonts created in 2015

This is a collection of fresh free fonts created in 2015. I’m a big fan of fonts, and constantly seeking out the best and latest free fonts. This blog post is a collection of all the best free fonts, which where all created ...


20 best hand drawn free fonts

The beauty of the internet as a designer, which i really love is theres tones of awesome free fonts to download and use in your web projects. A specific style of font, which i always seem to use in a lot of web projects are hand w...


40 Best Free fonts from 2014

I’m a font addict and always seeking out the best possible free fonts I can get my hands on. This post is the ultimate compilation of the best free fonts, which have all been released in 2014. Its always good to have a list ...


25 Fresh Free fonts Created In 2014

A collection of fresh free fonts all created in 2014 to download for free to use in your design projects. Typography is such an important part of any design, whether its a web or print project the wright font choice can make or br...


50 Best Free Fonts From 2013

I’m sure we have mentioned many times before on Creative nerds that we are font fanatics. Fonts are a fundamental aspect of any design matching the right fonts together can make a huge impact on  any design project, website...