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Best of the web for Design and Web Development June 2020

  • July 1st, 2020
  • News

Another month concluded with the world wide pandemic still looming can be a very difficult time to consume the latest trends and web news, never the less we have you covered. This round up features the best Photoshop and illustrator tutorial from 2020 including how to superhero character illustration to adding face paint using Photoshop. Theres also some great web articles included in our round up from Hardening a WordPress website on AWS Lightsail to Bootstrap 5 alpha!. I hope you enjoy the month roundup web development and design .

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Design tutorials

How to make a fashion face paint adobe Photoshop

Accentuate fashion photography with dramatic digital makeup. See how you can use brushes, masks, and the Curvature Pen tool to design colorful face paint in Adobe Photoshop.

Illustrator vector tutorial: Superboy character

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a super boy character in Adobe Illustrator.

How to make a fashion illustration in illustrator

Audrey Marion’s signature style includes overlapping lines, vivid colors, and distinctive patterns. See how she uses the Pencil, Pen, and Swatches to create fashion illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator vector tutorial: Summer text effect

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a summer inspired text effect in Adobe Illustrator.

How create grass text effect in Illustrator

In this tutorial I will show you how create grass text effect in Illustrator. This lesson is made for beginners, so that nothing difficult about it. Let’s begin!

Illustrator vector tutorial: Driving cow

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a cute cartoon cow driving a car in Adobe Illustrator.

Web and design articles

Bootstrap 5 alpha!

Bootstrap 5’s very first alpha has arrived! We’ve been working hard for several months to refine the work we started in v4, and while we’re feeling great about our progress, there’s still even more to do.

The 🍔 menu

The Hamburger Menu widget is on every other site nowadays. It has become synonymous with the web and, perhaps even more so, with web development. Have, for instance, a look at Dribbble or Codepen. There you’ll find a fair share of examples. They come in all shapes and sizes where one is more elaborative than the other. Developers and designers can’t seem to get enough of the widget.

The complete guide to CSS media queries

Media queries are what make modern responsive design possible. With them you can set different styling based on things like a users screen size, device capabilities or user preferences. But how do they work, which ones are there and which ones should you use? Here’s the complete guide to media queries.

Optimizing keyboard navigation using tabindex and ARIA

The faster the user can navigate your UI the better. The faster they can get to the content they need, the better. Therefore, the less steps they have to go through, the more efficient their overall experience with the UI will be. And this applies to keyboard tabbing, too: the less tabs the user needs to stop at while navigating, the faster they are to get to where they need. The way we mark up our content has a direct effect on the user’s experience. But we can drastically improve the UX by specifically optimizing the markup for keyboard users.

The Ultimate Developer’s Guide to the WordPress Database

Here at Delicious Brains we eat, drink and sleep databases. However, we believe that any developer working with WordPress should have some level of knowledge about the database that sits behind a site. So I have put together the ultimate guide to the WordPress database.

Transfer a WordPress Site to New Hosting: 10 Tips

Migrating your WordPress site to a new hosting provider might be easier than you think. Follow these ten tips to make it run smoothly.

Hardening a WordPress website on AWS Lightsail

Setting up a secure WordPress website can be quite hard with all the scattered information out there on the web. This article sums up the best methods to properly harden your WordPress website on AWS Lightsail in combination with Cloudflare.

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