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World Cup football logo evolution from 1920 to 2022

The world cup is biggest international sporting event in the world. Where all the national football teams compete to be crowned the world cup champions.

This post was originally published in a few years ago, but looking back at this post it was a great post, which was a good showcase of how world cup logo from over a 100 years. The evolution of the world cup logo from 1930 to 2022. Its football fever all around the world, so over on Creative Nerds we decided to take a look back from 1930 to 2022 at some historic world cup football logos to see how over time the world cup changed and evolved over time.

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1930 – World Cup Uruguay Logo1930-uraguy-logo

1934 – World Cup Italy Logo


1938 – World Cup France Logocoupe-monde

1950 – World Cup Switzerland Logo1950-world-logo

1954 – World Cup Switzerland Logo1954-swits

1958 – World Cup Sweden Logo1958-world-cup-logo

1962 – World Cup Chile Logochile-world-cup

1966 – World Cup England Logoworld-cup-england-19966

1970 – World Cup Mexico Logomexico-70

Brazil managed to win the world cup for the third time and became the country which has won the world cup the most times ever. The final score was brazil 4 – and italy 1.

1974 – World Cup West Germany Logowm-74

1978 – World Cup Argentina Logoworld-cup-78

1982 – World Cup Spain Logoespana-82

1986 – World Cup Mexico Logo mexico-86

1990 – World Cup Italy Logoitalia-90

1994 – World Cup USA Logousa-wordcup-94

1998 – World Cup France Logofrance-logo

2002 – World Cup Japan And Korean Republic Logojapan-world-logo

2006 – World Cup Germany Logogermany-2006

2010 – World Cup South Africa Logofifa-world-cup

2014 – World Cup South Africa Logo


2018 – World Cup Russia

2022 – World Cup Qutar

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