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The Evolution Of The World Cup Logo From 1930 To 2010


This post was original published in 2010, but looking back at this post it was a great post which was a great showcase of how world cup logo, so was only right to update  the blog post and republish it. I hope you enjoy this post its a great read.  

The evolution of the world cup logo from 1930 to 2010. Its pretty much football fever all around the world so over on Creative Nerds we decided to take a look back from 1930 to 2010 at some historic world cup football logos to see how over time the world cup changed and evolved over time.
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1930 – World Cup Uruguay Logo1930-uraguy-logo

This was the first ever world cup which was won by the hosts Uruguay 4 –  Argentina 2  therefore Urguay where named as the first ever world cup winners.

1934 – World Cup Italy Logoitaly-word-cup-logo

The final match was between Italy and Czechoslovakia with final score Italy 2 – 1 Czechoslovakia once again the hosts winning the world cup.

1938 – World Cup France Logocoupe-monde

The world cup was hosted in France, surprisingly Italy won the won the world cup after winning the previous the world cup, Italy 4 – Hungary 2 and brazil managed to secure third place beating Hungary.

1950 – World Cup Switzerland Logo1950-world-logo

The world cup was put on holt for 12 years because of world war 2 and resumed in 1950 which was then hosted in brazil  where host managed to loose 2-1 against brazil.

1954 – World Cup Switzerland Logo1954-swits

The world cup was hosted within Switzerland with the final score West Germany 3 – Hungary 2.

1958 – World Cup Sweden Logo1958-world-cup-logo

The Sweden world cup was extra special because this was the fist time someone from outside of Europe won the world cup which was brazil who beat the hosts of the world cup sweden in the final 5 – 2 the most ever goals to be scored in a world cup final.

1962 – World Cup Chile Logochile-world-cup

Brazil vs Czechoslovakia where brazil won for the world cup for second time in row with a score of  3-1.

1966 – World Cup England Logoworld-cup-england-19966

1966 an historic year for any Englishman the first and only time to data England have won the world cup, successfully beating west Germany 4-2 meant England was the first team to win the world cup in the united kingdom.

1970 – World Cup Mexico Logomexico-70

Brazil managed to win the world cup for the third time and became the country which has won the world cup the most times ever. The final score was brazil 4 – and italy 1.

1974 – World Cup West Germany Logowm-74

The host Germany where victorious winning their second world cup beating Holland 2-1.

1978 – World Cup Argentina Logoworld-cup-78

Once again the hosts of world cup managed to come out victorious meaning Argentina became south America second team to win a world cup.

1982 – World Cup Spain Logoespana-82

Italy where the winners of the world cup for the third time, against Germany a 2 –1 win.

1986 – World Cup Mexico Logo mexico-86

This was the first time a country has hosted the world cup more than once. The final was between Argentina and Germany where Argentina won the beating Germany 3 –2.

1990 – World Cup Italy Logoitalia-90

Germany where in the past two world cup finals third time lucky being in the final and manged to win the world cup 2-1 beating Argentina who they lost to in the last world cup.

1994 – World Cup USA Logousa-wordcup-94

Brazil managed to get their 4th world cup title beating Italy in the final 0-0 but Brazil won on penalties.

1998 – World Cup France Logofrance-logo

France hosted their second world cup and beat brazil 3-0 a fantastic result for France.

2002 – World Cup Japan And Korean Republic Logojapan-world-logo

The final score result was brazil 2 – and Germany 0, which meant Brazil won the world cup for the 5th time.

2006 – World Cup Germany Logogermany-2006

The world final was 1-1 therefore ended up going into penalty shootouts where Italy beat France 5 – 2 on penalties.

2010 – World Cup South Africa Logofifa-world-cup

This is the 2010 world cup logo which was in south Africa, where Spain was 1 – 0 to beat the Netherlands to win the world cup title.

2014 – World Cup South Africa Logo

This is the 2014 world cup logo, but where yet to know who the winners, i will updated the post when we find out who won.

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39 thoughts on “The Evolution Of The World Cup Logo From 1930 To 2010

  1. Great article. Was surprised that the first world cup was hosted and won by Uruguay. Oh and i noticed a mistake in the second world cup – “czechslovikia”. Change it to Czechoslovakia.

  2. Cool post! The logos seem to get better with time. Except for 1938 and 1950 – those two have old-school awesomeness going on.

    I am a big fan of the South Africa logo too, I think it captures the spirit of an African World Cup.

  3. You talk about brazil and argentina being first and second south american teams to ever win a world cup, but forget uruguay, who were the first one. Fix it!

  4. Coll post. However the 1950 World Cup took place in Brazil. The champion was Uruguay in a final against Brazil – the greatest Brazilian trauma.

  5. Thanks !! great article. I really like the 1970 simplicity, it break the way the logo was designed at that moment. Was a great world cup too.

  6. 1950 – World Cup Switzerland Logo….?…it was in brazil!!!!!!

    The world cup was put on holt for 12 years because of world war 2 and resumed in 1950 which was then hosted in brazil where host managed to loose 2-1 against brazil…???????.hostwas brazil,..and the loose ,.uruguay won,…..

    it was the, so called “MARACANAZO”…because brazil, lost..if i remember, …in the maracana stadium!!!

    1954 – World Cup Switzerland Logo…again!?


  7. Wow…. we (South Africa) have the best by far… some of the previous logos were awful although the second, Italy, is quite nice. Great article, thanks

  8. It’s interesting how the logo from Switzerland 1954 stands out from the rest, they always had a special design style over there. I love Mexico 1970, great logo!

  9. “Why is the 2002 world cup logo in the top right corner of the current world cup logo??”

    … it’s also in the logo of 2006 …

  10. in 2006 italy vs. france was 5:3 on penalties and 1:1 after 120 minutes. germany beat argentina 1:0 in 1990…

  11. I am glad I found your web site on bing. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my wife ended up just preparing to study in regards to this. I’m thrilled to see this sort of excellent info being shared freely out there.

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