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60 Creative Mind Blowing Examples Of Photo Manipulations


A creative truly mind blowing collection of high quality photo manipulation showcase of inspiration. Photo manipulation is what Photoshop was designed especially for so as well a showcasing awesome inspiration this is also a showcase of what designs can be created using Photoshop as well as other additional programs.

1. Feel My Greatest Temptation Ipurple-sparkle

2. Feel My Greatest Temptation IImy-greatest-temptation

3. Feel My Greatest Temptation IImy-greates-temptation

4. Kelly Slaterphotoshop-man-illustration

5. Revolutionlady-sparkle-dress

6. Play Your Musicplay-your-music

7. BREAK.IT.break-it

8. 30



9. the blood drains down like devil’s rainskull-flower

10. Panthapantha

11. Nikon


11. Nereid neried

12. Baby Transformeryellow-baby

13. Flaming Photo Manipulationfire-lady

14. Pasta hotlinespageeti-folk

15. Photomanipulationswater-phone

16. Photomanipulationsitaly

17. Photomanipulationslady-robot

18. Photomanipulationswomen-mist

19. Photomanipulationswomen-newspaper

20. Smoke On The Waterman-in-jar

21. Creatio ex Nihilosparkle

22. Chocolatopiachoclate

23. Contra Bandcontrac

24. SlingShotSlingshot

25. Unity


26. after 10 pmafter-10

26. Freedomfreedom

27. Grazia, Graziella e Grazie al Cazzo!flower-face

28. Grazia, Graziella e Grazie al Cazzo!flower-face2

29. made with scissorsmade-with-sccissors

30. The Strugglelighting-girl

31. Genesisgenius

32. Elephant Manelephant-man

33. Open Sourceopen-chest

34. Open Sourcerobot-building

35. THE GUARDIANS.hand-drawn

36. THE GUARDIANS.the-bird-guards

37. Screamscream

38. Waterproof.hand-drawn-water-proof

39. PANDArandy-coture

40. PANDAwomen-head

41. We all FallFALL

42. incandescencefire-stomach

43. Own Worldhead-earth

44. AttentionsAttentions

45. Atutiplenautiple

46. Atutiplenbrain-milk

47. Space Junkspace-junk

48. The music naturemusic-nature

49. Dancers are the athletes of god.dancers-athletic-gods

50. The Lost Identitylost-identity

51. Crescendokiller

52. PRESS STARTpress-start

53. Land of Fruitapple-banna

53. Milagromilagro

54. Photo Manipulationsred-flame

55. Photo Manipulationsfire-leap

56. Disturbedsparle

57. art-cafe “Gallery” exhibitionart-cafe

58. Noir Desirnoir-desire

59. In Our Handsin-our-hands

60. Place to Zengrass-women

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11 thoughts on “60 Creative Mind Blowing Examples Of Photo Manipulations

  1. There is a really inspirational collection of photo manipulations, it would be really interesting to read a breakdown of how they were created in a tutorial format.

  2. Great collection ..sometimes the initial description
    does not match expectations but in the case of this collection I would agree with ‘mind blowing’ as an apt description..amazing work and really pushing the boundaries of what can be done and thanks for sharing.

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