30 Most Gory Designs You Really Don’t Want To See

banner If you love zombies, monster and a bit of blood then this is the perfect post. Halloween is approaching so we decide to collected the most goriest and scariest designs to inspired you and get your creative juices flowing. Feel to leave a comment on which design was your favourite.

1. London zombies : a really scary onelondon-zombies

2. Saw


3. Day165/365zombie-skull

4. give me a smilegive-me-a-smile

5. Comb


6. Somthings Better Left Unseenunseen

6. CUT


7. Migraine


8. creature


9. Bomm


10. Decortication of deathdecoration-of-death

11. Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photographymonster-and-baby

12. Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photographybiting-veins

13. Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photographyreflection

14. Faceless


15. MOTEL HELLmotel

16. 90 Percent Angel-90percent-angel

17. nenternal


18. Break the silencebreak-the-silence

19. Shading


20. Vanity


21. The eye


22. C Y C L O P E Scyclopse

23. Identity


24. Autopsy_Infusionautopsy

25. horror


26. Shinybinary’s Circusclown

27. The Dying Roomdying-room

28. Melt


29. One Annual Assmus.One-Annual-Assmus

30. Zombie Diabólico



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  • sriganesh

    ya its little bit scary, and i made my photo too into flesh man, but not this much scary. scaryyyyy…. ;)

  • Jacques//An1ken

    Wow that really blows the top of my can. Some of these are really gruesome, you should almost add a PG16 sign to it.

    Nice post bro, Halloween is approaching. Keep up the great posts.

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  • HullDO

    This is a really creative collection. I’ve always loved this kind of style.

  • Steve

    It’ awesome design though at instance it looks scary.

  • Technologix

    OMG! Anyway, they’re beautiful :P

  • Offset Printing Services

    My gosh some these designs and photos are really freaky, but cool! Nice Halloween inspiration!

  • Steve Zombi

    Hey! That’s me at number 1! :-D Also I’m happy to say I’m one of the few on the list that hasn’t been photoshopped one little bit.

  • TimothyBlake

    Steve Zombi – Thats you at number one that’s an awsome picture, its one of my favourites from the list.

  • clippingimages

    Few are the best Zombies. Really Awesome artworks. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • wana_learn

    how did u guys make these !!!

  • wien

    very good works

  • Ricky

    Wow!!! Some of them are really scary. Nice work man.

  • Vinay Swastik

    Well, great collection.
    I would love to learn how to create them.
    #28 and #5 got me really startled.

  • sem

    I’d like to learn how to create number 6 or 20 ;-)

  • Storystuff

    Comb, 11 and 12 were coolest, but 13 actually gave me a bit of a fright when I looked closely at it!!!

  • Luis

    Where do I submit my own?

  • Stacey

    Love it!! Big horror fan. Fantastic!!

  • Robin Isteak

    A lot of horrible art work. the dying room design are so afraid able.

  • Mathew

    i loved them all im not saying there were bad but they weren’t scary to me but that’s me it could be scary to some one else but i did love them