30 Creative uses of typography in poster designs

A great look into typography specifically creative typography used in poster designs. Its a great inspirational blog post, which showcases some truly jaw dropping uses of typography. This is the perfect source of inspiration to fuel your creativity, if  your embarking on creating your own poster designs. I would love to hear your thoughts on the poster designs in the comments section below.

1. Babies born todaybabies-born-today

2. Simone chocolatenina-is-good

3. On top of the worldon-top-of-world

4. On top of the worldhabbits

5. No Regretsno-regerts

6. I flyi-fly

7. What ever floats your boatfloats-your-boat

8. Life moves fast life-moves-fast

9. Brightness somedaybrightness-someday

10. Sell my animalssell-my-animals

11. Drumsdrums

12. Dudedude

13. Fast Cooked Poster / BHSAD Student Workfast-cooked

14. Jack Piecerjack

15. Adormecida posteradora

16. Dominique Schmitz design-books

17. Love your bodylove-your-body

18. Typo posterstypo-posters

18. Sa Paulosapualo

19. Das Luzeren Plakatdas

20. Face the musicface-music

21. The Middlethe-middle

22. MTV Basemtv-base

23. Old Schoolold-schol

24. Hackathonhappy

25. Alternative Typography Flyer/Posteraltertive-week

26. Eyeseyes

27. Side Air Bagsside-air-bags

28. Never Stopnever-stop

29. Something to talk aboutsomething-to-talk-about

30. Design Importerclubber



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