30 Clever And Creative Package Designs


Thiers great sources for design inspiration every where even including within packaging design. A collection of 30 package designs which which are clever but also very cretive. leave a comment we would love to hear which is your favourite design.

1. Nike Trainer Boxnike

2. Naoto Fukasawa  Packagingfruiut-drinks

3. Dumbbell Packaging mr-cleandum-bells

4. Fruit Juice Cartons juice-cartons

5. Weird packaging for Weird Clothing shorts

6. warming little thingscups

7. Chocolate Pillschoco-pills

8. ARCADIA organic teaorganic-tea

9. Very cute milk packagemilk-straw-berry

10. PORTO NOVO COFFEE PACKAGE coffie-package

11. Milk Chocolatemilk-choclate

12. KEEN FRUITkiwi

13. The Leading Package Design Blog


14. Frusion


15. yummy


16. Science VS Witchcraft CD Case Design


17. Anyone Seen These? Coca-Cola Ornamentscoke-bottles

18. Mama Quilla by Camille Forgetmilk-carton

19. Student Spotlight: Meg Eaton Ice Creamice-cream

20. 12 Inches12-inches

21. Azita’s lovely packageAzitas

22. Askinosie Chocolatechoclate-packageing

23. Doritos


24. Pop Cornpopcorn

25. Infuzioninfuzion

26. Student work -david baertzprotector

27. Fruit Drinks


28. INQ1 Phone


29. Dumbell Sports Drink dumbell

30. Batman Drink



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Please Leave a comment

  • Sean

    Very beautiful designs!

  • Fly

    indeed :)

  • Thaís Souza


  • Free Social Icons

    Great collection that meat t shirt packaging is insane! Very cool, but must be a pain to make just for one t shirt design.

  • Dzinepress

    yes that’s really clever package designs :)

  • Clippingimages

    Nice post. The packages itself can make clients.

  • Tyrone

    Excellent creative designs. Very cool 10/10

  • Quicken Websites

    Very cool designs!!! Clever and creative!

  • Jane

    Some of these are great designs.

    I think the chocolate pills are just irresponsible though. Working in healthcare packaging we have to put a lot of thought into how to stop children eating healthcare tablets and this just seems to be encouraging them!

  • Jennifer Moline, PsPrint

    I am a sucker for good packaging. These are great!

    PsPrint just posted a blog about what designers should consider when creating a package:

  • Marcos Martins

    BÃO !!!

  • Steve

    Kudos to the designer(s) :)

  • Noo

    I agree with Jane, the chocolate packaging is outrageous and irresponsible!

  • Web Design Singapore

    very creative indeed. are these just prototypes or are they sold over the shelves in super marts?

  • Peter

    Inspired, even:)

    And as we move towards a dream of built-in reuse in complement:

  • Glyn Mooney

    I know a few people that will love this :)

  • Anand Mistry

    I am not able to say anything after your great work. 10/10

  • Jasmin Kurz

    Oh I love them all! They are so cute!

  • Adam Sieff

    Love them all, but popcorn stands out as being eminently practical (for microwave) as well as simple and stylish.

  • Ashely Adams : Online Printing

    Kudos to all the fertile minds that thought up these absolutely brilliant designs. Don’t ask me which one I like most. They are all equally zany, equally good and equally funny. Found the Chocolate Pills a bit eerie. The Popcorn rocks!

  • Masa

    The yummy ones are even good for collectors

  • Richy

    i appreciate your infuzion package and wish you become one of the leading package designers.

  • Deb

    Wow – what amazing and inspiring packaging efforts!

  • zaenal

    i love the batman

  • nikole

    number 14, cute, but since when does fruit need packaging?

  • Beatriz

    It´s very funny, cleaver.. So Niceee !!

  • Sal

    I really like the P.E.T Juice bottle on a pull off tab. How can I contact the manufacture.

  • Brian

    Awesome list of very creative designs.. Brightening up our every day life.. Awesome

  • Imran

    Good brain storming….. keep up until it blast out with more creative thoughts…

  • Creative Pile

    Great inspiration! The funniest packaging has to be the floppy disk cd cover.