40 Best Fresh Free High Quality Fonts Created In 2012


I’m pretty much a font fanatic. If your anything like me, I’m sure this is a post you will enjoy. This roundup is a collection of fresh free fonts released in the past 12 weeks. There is nothing better than free fonts which look good, and are useable within your design projects. There’s some truly hidden gems in this compilation, so be sure to download some of the fonts featured in the post.

We would love for you to share in the comments section of your favourite fonts featured in the post.  Don’t for get to check out some of our other compilations on Free Fonts Used In Iconic Movies as well as free fonts for creating profession logo designs.

1. ORIGRAM Free Fontoragmi-free-font

2. Perplex Free Fontperplex-free-font

3. Good Intent Typefacegood-intent-free-font

4. Jura



5. Ledger Regularledger-regular-free-font

6. The Graffiti Fontgrafit-font

7. Glegoo


8. Mantekamanteka

9. PLSTK – Free Fontplsk

10. Adamas Regulardark-void

11. Metropolis free fontmetro-polis-free-font

12. Metropolis free fontless-magical-font

13. Prosto free fontprosto-free-font

14. sn Blindssn-blind

15. Miso  miso-skinny

16. Intro free fontintro-free-font

17. Forum Free Fontforum-free-font

18. Poly  polyso

19. LineaType – 2012lineatype

20. DK Nutnikdk-nut-think

21. CFF Free Fontscff

22. Gearedgeared

23. akadoraaka-dora

24. Tommasotomasso

25. Cubannocubano

26. Abraham Lincolnabraham

27. Awake Sansawake

28. Fabadafabade

30. Open Sans Condensedopen-sans-condensed

31. Crete Roundcrete-round

32. Offering Fontoffspring-free-font

33. designosaurdesignosaur

34. Neutonneuogton

35. Exo Font Familyexo-font

36. Blanch Fontblanch-free-font

37. Alegreyaalgreya

38. Notica Textnotica-text

39. Silverfake© Free Typefacefont-firm

40. Cubic Sanscubic-sans


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