30 Free Fonts Which Are Perfect For Professional Logo Designs


A Great compilation of Creative Nerds favourite Free Fonts Which Are Perfect and suitableĀ  For creating Professional Logo Designs. A great collections of fonts which are perfect for designers who are designing on a small budget.

1. Museomuseo

2. Sapir


3. Black Out


4. Soopafresh Fontsoopafresh

5. Fontin Sansfontin-san

6. Finder FontFINDER

7. squaretypeB squaretype

8. Chunk


9. Comfortaa comfotaa

10. Val


11. Capralba


12. Anivers


13. Bartolomeubartolmeu

14. ExtravaganzzaExtravaganzza-

15. Contempory


16. font kravitzkrav

17. zagfont


18. Fonce Sansfonce-sans

19. SansationSansation

20. Just Old Fasstionjust-old-fastion

21. deliciousdelicous

22. Geo Sans


23. Duepuntozeroduepuntozero

24. Cash Fontcash-font

25. Quicksandquicksand

26. Days typefacenew-lovely-typeface

27. file


28. surroundingsurrounding

29. Coldi


30. Droid Fontlast


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  • mujeep khan

    very nice

  • mujeep khan


  • Android Philippines

    This is a great list of free fonts! Downloading some right now. Thanks!

  • karthikeyan

    amazing collection of designer fonts. Very helpful for designers like me. Thank you for the share.

  • Jyoti Wadhwa

    Cool creativity with fonts. All are very good but I like Just Old Fasstion, Contempory, Coldi.

  • Sunil p johny

    awesome..!! for a long time i was searching for some perfect font collection. Its really helpful for beginners like me to find a suitable fonts for our logos.

    thank you very much for uploading

  • bony

    thank you for uploading this fonts, its really works good for logo designing and Boucher designing.

    thank you for the colllection

  • HOLL

    I love this, helped me with my coursework and everything! The website is a bit shit and cheesy!:l :L, this is good thooough:-)))

  • webdesign

    Really awesome Collection!Post more please

  • Rajat Srivastava
  • Keshav Mishra

    Old Fasstion is the font I would to use for my blog

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    Really Magical!
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