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20 Free Fonts Used In Iconic Movies


As a designer who has always been fascinated by movies, I have often found myself drawn to the typography used in films. It is amazing how a font can convey so much about a movie – from the mood and tone to the era it is set in. And so, I decided to put together a collection of 20 free fonts used in some iconic movies that you can now incorporate into your own designs!

While these fonts are visually appealing, they also come with their own unique stories. Take, for example, the famous “Pulp Fiction” font, which is actually a modified version of a font called “Avant Garde.” And did you know that the font used in “The Godfather” is a custom font designed specifically for the movie? These little tidbits of information only add to the charm and allure of these fonts.

By incorporating these fonts into your designs, you can add a touch of nostalgia, whimsy, or even drama. It’s a great way to pay homage to your favorite movies and characters, while also adding depth and interest to your designs. So go ahead and download these fonts, experiment with them, and let me know what you think! I am always eager to hear your feedback and thoughts on my posts.

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1. Wolverine


2. Fight Club Fontfight-club

3. Final Fantasyfinal-fantasy

4. Scream  scream

5. Terminatorterminator

6. 300


7. Star TrekStar-trek

8. 28 Days Later28-days

9. Batman Foreverbatman

10. Blade Runnerblade-runner

11. Indiana Jonesindiana

12. Transformerstransformers

13. The Incrediblesincreadibles

14. The GodFathergodfather

15. Ghost Bustersghost-busters

16. Blade 2BLADE2

17. Friday 13Friday13

18. Monster Incmonster-inc

19. Lord Of The RingsLORD-OF-TH-RINGS

20. Planet Of The Apesplanet-of-the-ape

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