20 Free Fonts Used In Iconic Movies


A collection of 20 free fonts in total used in iconic movies. I’m a designer at heart and when ever I’m watching a movie si always pay attention to the typography used in the movie. If your anything like me you can now incorporate popular movie fonts into your designs. I hope you enjoy the fonts and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the post.



1. Wolverinewolverine

2. Fight Club Fontfight-club

3. Final Fantasyfinal-fantasy

4. Scream  scream

5. Terminatorterminator

6. 300


7. Star TrekStar-trek

8. 28 Days Later28-days

9. Batman Foreverbatman

10. Blade Runnerblade-runner

11. Indiana Jonesindiana

12. Transformerstransformers

13. The Incrediblesincreadibles

14. The GodFathergodfather

15. Ghost Bustersghost-busters

16. Blade 2BLADE2

17. Friday 13Friday13

18. Monster Incmonster-inc

19. Lord Of The RingsLORD-OF-TH-RINGS

20. Planet Of The Apesplanet-of-the-ape



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  • Robin Cannon

    While these fonts are great fun, I’d be very wary about using them in commercial ventures.

    Most of them are fonts named after the movies in question; which suggest that they were created after those movies were released. That is very likely the case of somebody liking the font in a movie, and choosing to recreate it.

    That’s great, but I’m sure there are potentially serious intellectual property issues here. If a font was created for a movie, and somebody subsequently recreated the full font family and made it available for “free”, then potentially they’re breaching copyright.

    These movie properties (particularly those based on products, like Transformers) are protective of their branding. I can’t imagine that a replica Transformers font is in reality simply available for anyone to use for free.

  • Jeremiah Reagan

    I know it had to take some SERIOUS time to put this list together – but I REALLY appreciate you doing that! These fonts are very very cool and definitely something I’m going to download and save for one of my creative/bored days… lol

    Thanks for sharing this again!

  • Isloooboy

    First of all congratulations for putting such a good post, I was looking for new and attractive fonts for my new coming header which I am going to design and now I found one for me through your this post, Thanks Friend – Keep the good work continue.

  • Brian

    Great list of movie theme free fonts. I can easily recognize each and every font from the movie titles, great job!

  • Designely

    Excellent timing! I’m currently designing a WordPress theme for my blog, and these definitely gave me some ideas about the typographic aspect of it all.
    And I must agree with Robin Cannon’s comment above. I would be careful using them for anything commercial.


  • Jim

    Legally, it really doesn’t matter what they’re named, who created the originals, and if they “copied” them.

    YOU didn’t create them, so you’re in the clear. As long as you obtained them legally and adhere to the license the author provides you, there’s nothing anyone can do about it – even if the movie studio goes after the author.

  • Shamim cpz

    A very smart approach to explain the things, I like your
    step by step tutorial.

  • Tom McCracken

    Cool roundup! You can find some more here