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Photoshop Brushes

A broad range of high quality free photoshop brushes to use in your design projects from realistic authentic effect such as smoke brushes to abstract halftone brushes. This is the ultimate biggest collection of free Photoshop download and use in your design for both personal and commercial projects.

Apr 02 2015

Milk Splashes free Photoshop brush set


A few years ago I believe when we first launched Creative Nerds we released a milk Photoshop brush set, which went down a treat with your our readers. We thought it would only be right to follow up with another great hi-res milk s...

Jan 08 2015

Circular halftone free Photoshop brush set


Watercolor paint brushes are my favourite type of Photoshop brushes, for the simple fact that they can be used in almost any type of design project. This brush set includes four large scale watercolor squared strokes and amazing b...

Jan 05 2015

Pencil messy strokes free Photoshop brush set


A hand sketched authentic collection of messy pencil strokes Photoshop brushes. This is a great way  to add realistic hand drawn pencil effect to your designs. It’s a great brush set, which I hope you truly enjoy. License ...

Dec 22 2014

Grunge edges Photoshop brush set Vol 2


Following up from a very popular Photoshop brush set, which we launched a few months ago we thought it would only be right to follow up with Vol 2 of our ever so popular grunge edges Photoshop brush set. The brush set comes at a g...

Nov 27 2014

Soft watercolor smudges free Photoshop brush set


A hand crafted Photoshop brush set, created with a soft sponge and watercolour paints. This brush set is perfect to add finishing touches to your digital designs, and can be used in so many different ways. This is a really fun Pho...

Nov 13 2014

Hi-res free Cloud Photoshop brush set


A really cool realistic cloud photoshop brush. This brush is a great resource, for creating and adding an authentic cloud effect into your designs. The set includes a few different brush strokes to incorporate into your designs. I...

Oct 23 2014

Thick paint acrylic free Photoshop brush set


A great authentic thick acrylic paint strokes to apply to your designs. The brush set is a really large brush tip size perfect to use in hi-res designs. Another great brush set for you to download for free to incorporate into your...

Oct 02 2014

Amazing free thick smoke Photoshop brush set


A thick authentic free smoke Photoshop brush set. I love putting together Photoshop brushes, and this is certainly another great free Photoshop brush to add to your design inventory. The set comes with a limited amount of brushes,...