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Photoshop Brushes

A broad range of high quality free photoshop brushes to use in your design projects from realistic authentic effect such as smoke brushes to abstract halftone brushes. This is the ultimate biggest collection of free Photoshop download and use in your design for both personal and commercial projects.

Mar 21 2016

1000+ bundle of amazing free design resources


Following up from the success of our 500+ free design bundle we are back with another design bundle. This time double in size have packed the design bundle with a thousand free design resources this time round. Hundreds of icons, ...

Feb 18 2016

Wine stains free Photoshop brush set


We like to produce unique creative Photoshop brushes, and this set certainly falls into that category. This brush set is a collection of authentic wine stains, I’m sure can potentially be used in a variety of various differe...

Jan 11 2016

Rising smoke free hi-res Photoshop brush set


A unique Photoshop brush set which will certainly make an impact to your photo manipulations designs. The rising smoke brush set is a great hi res Photoshop brush to  use in your digital design projects or even print projects. Th...

Nov 12 2015

Watercolor circular free blob Photoshop brush set


I’m sure if you’re a long time reader of Creative Nerds I’m sure you would have noticed by now that watercolour style brushes are a secret obsession of ours. This is another great watercolour brush set we have cr...

Oct 22 2015

Blood splatter free Photoshop brush set


The perfect Photoshop brush set to add a gruesome blood splatter effect to your digital designs. The blood splatter brush set comes with four high quality brushes, so there’s a variety of different brushes to choose from to ...

Sep 03 2015

Pencil scribble strokes free photoshop brush set


Today’s free Photoshop brush set is another great one to add to your design inventory. This specific brush consists of large scale pencil scribbles hand scribbled to give it an  authentic effect. It’s a great high-res...

Aug 06 2015

Paint swirls free Photoshop brush set


This is great Photoshop brush i’m proud to add to our Photoshop brushes design section. The set is a collection of large scale paint swirls, which is the best method for adding a realistic to paint swirl effect to your designs. ...

Jul 27 2015

Rising fire flames free Photoshop brush set


A very unique Photoshop brush set, which is certainly a must download resource. The fire flames brush set it the best way to add authentic fire flames to your designs. The Photoshop brushes look realistic and, and are each of a la...

Jun 25 2015

Paint splatter free Photoshop brush set


This has to be one of the best paint Photoshop brushes we a have within our Photoshop brush section. The brush consists of high quality paint splatters, which add a great authentic paint splatter effect when applied to your design...

May 28 2015

Horizontal ink stains free Photoshop brush set


This is a very unique brush set and was a lot fun creating, but took a lot of hours to craft together. The brush set is a large scale set of authentic ink stain brushes, which are all free to use in web and print design at your le...