Nov 19 2012

85 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2012


Every year as the years start to wind down, we like to recap the best photoshop tutorials, which were published at some point in 2012. This roundup consists of a great collection of a variety of different types of tutorials, for e...

Nov 15 2012

How To Make Text Follow A Path In Photoshop


This is a  really simple tutorial, which we will be showing you how to make text follow a path in photoshop. The tutorial takes less than a few seconds to learn, never the less is a valuable technique worth knowing, if you don’...

Oct 11 2012

How To Create A Vintage Photo Effect Using Photoshop


This is a short but insightful tutorial. The post is a great video tutorial on how to create a vintage photo effect using Photoshop. The beauty of the tutorial is its video screencast making the tutorial 10 times easier to follow....

Sep 20 2012

How To Use Photoshop Content Aware Tool


A great educational resource, on how to use one of Photoshop’s most powerful new features. The new content aware feature is a great addition to Photoshop. The feature allows Photoshop users to remove objects and people from ...

Jul 23 2012

How To Create A HDR Photo Effect In Photoshop


In this tutorial we are going to share with you upon how to apply a high dynamic range (HDR) effect to your photos. This technique is easy to achieve using an new filter available in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS 5.5. There’...

Jul 18 2012

How To Change The Interface Colour In Photoshop CS6


A great short Photoshop quick tip upon how to change interface color in the new photoshop CS6. The new Photoshop interface color comes in a default color of black. The default color can now be changed to a range of different color...

May 21 2012

45 Fresh Must See Photoshop Tutorials from 2012


Today’s blog post is a great round up, which consists of high quality Photoshop tutorials. The roundup has a nice mixture of awesome photo manipulation techniques, as well as beautiful text effects. Whether you are a newbie ...