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The best design articles from 2015

This is one of my favourite posts I love to write, but at the same time one of the most difficult blog posts to put together. With the end of year approaching we thought it would only be right to end it in our usual fashion by recapping some our not so necessarily best posts in terms of hits, but our personal favourites we have produced and published on Creative Nerds in 2015. There’s a great mixtures of posts from screencast to massive free design resources.
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Quick tip: How to create a wood background effect using Photoshop

This is a superb Photoshop tutorial, which is incredibly easy to follow the screencast tutorial is on how you can use purely Photoshop to create a authentic realistic wooden effect. This is a great little design effect worth having within your inventory. The tutorial is incredibly easy to follow, and takes less than a few minutes to achieve the final outcome.

100+ Hand drawn Ornaments and more awesome free vector elements


This is a phenomenal vector set which features a range of various vector elements from hand drawn ornaments, swirls, banners and much more. The vector set is perfect for web, and print projects. Its a very versatile vector set, which i’m sure you will really enjoy using in your projects.

Breath taking examples of beautiful Street art

Art or crime love it or hate street art also know as graffiti is here to stay. Below are some breath taking example of some of the finest street art you will ever cast your eyes on. The beauty within these pieces of street art is the vibrances of the colours used in each piece and the realism. Each piece has taken several hours, and the attention to detail each one consists has is simply jaw dropping.

Rising fire flames free Photoshop brush set

A very unique Photoshop brush set, which is certainly a must download resource. The fire flames brush set it the best way to add authentic fire flames to your designs. The Photoshop brushes look realistic and, and are each of a large brush tip size to add to your designs. If your a fan of Photoshop brushes this is certainly one that you will love. The set can be used in commercial, and within personal design projects.

100 Terrifying free Halloween icons

This terrifying Halloween icon set certainly captures the fun and spooky feeling of Halloween.  This is a tremendous icon set, which features a jaw dropping 100 Halloween icons. These icons are perfect for being used in mobile apps, websites, print, presentations, illustrations etc.

How to create a cloud Photoshop brush

An easy to follow Photoshop tutorial on how to to use Photoshop to create a cloud Photoshop brush set. When you learn this technique you can create your very own set of cloud brushes. It such a simple technique, which takes a matter of seconds to achieve the end result.

300 amazing free universal SVG & PNG icon set

The icon set consists of 250+ icons universal icons. This one is the biggest icon pack we have published on creative nerds. The perfect icon set for your design projects, because of the the wide variety of icons to choose from to use in your design projects. The icon set comes in both PNG and SVG perfect for print and web design projects.

500+ bundle of amazing free design resources

We have put together a free design bundle. The bundle includes hundreds of free icons, realistic high quality Photoshop brushes, and seamless vector patterns. All the resources used across Creative Nerds website are all free to use in commercial, and personal design projects.

50 amazing modern Photoshop text effect tutorials

n this roundup it’s a massive compilation of the very best photoshop tutorials, for creating modern jaw dropping text effects mostly just using purely Photoshop.

20 tutorials for mastering retouching photos

The round up we have compiled a list of the very best Photoshop step by step guides for how to master the art of retouching photographs. The beauty of of the list of Photoshop tutorials is regardless of your skill level weather your a novice, or a veteran Photoshop user the tutorials are fairly easy to grasp.

How to create a sunburst effect in illustrator

This is a popular effect I’m sure you’ve seen many times before, and sure you’ve even wounded how such shape is created image you think its fairly time consuming. Surprising a sunbursts effect can be created within a matter of seconds sung this handy little technique in the screencast below.

Horizontal ink stains free Photoshop brush set

This is a very unique brush set and was a lot fun creating, but took a lot of hours to craft together. The brush set is a large scale set of authentic ink stain brushes, which are all free to use in web and print design at your leisure.

75+ free Christmas vector icons

The icon vector set includes over 75+ free Christmas themed icons that can be downloaded, and incorporated into your design projects. In vector format and png perfect to be incorporated into digital based design projects, or to be used within your print work. I hope you enjoy this icon set. It’s certainly a personal favourite of mine.

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