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100+ Hand drawn Ornaments and more awesome free vector elements

This is a phenomenal vector set which features a range of various vector elements from hand drawn ornaments, swirls, banners and much more. The vector set is perfect for web, and print projects. Its a very versatile vector set, which i’m sure you will really enjoy using in your projects.
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A special thanks to the team over at Free Pik who have kindly crafted together this spectacular free Icon set exclusive to Creative Nerds readers. Please download the icon set, and tell us what you think in the comments section.

License Details

The vector set can be used within commercial and non-commercial design projects. The vector set CAN NOT be redistributed on any other website, without permission from the Creative Nerds team. Creative Nerds have created this vector set, and have full ownership. If you have any questions regarding license details use the contact us page, in order to get in touch, or leave a comment below.


Cover ornamentos



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10 thoughts on “100+ Hand drawn Ornaments and more awesome free vector elements

  1. ah… it’s a secret button… check it out with code inspector…
    and delete ‘color:#fff’ and bob is your uncle… ;-)

  2. Excellent! LOL It definitely shows now! I hovered my mouse around that area, my eyes aren’t that good, thinking I might catch a ‘finger’, but, I didn’t hit it where it needed.
    Thank you! I really do appreciate these to begin with. But, I appreciate it that you came and fixed it. Thank you!


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