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20 tutorials for mastering retouching photos

Photoshop is the very best tool for photography when it comes to enhancing and manipulating the look of a photograph. Its surprisingly fairly easy to make a slightly imperfect photo look like a jaw dropping shot with the aid of Photoshop.

In today’s round up we have compiled a list of the very best Photoshop step by step guides for how to master the art of retouching photographs. The beauty of of the list of Photoshop tutorials is regardless of your skill level weather your a novice, or a veteran Photoshop user the tutorials are fairly easy to grasp.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial round up and would love for you to share any tutorials you have a came across, which would be a great aid in learning how to retouch photographs.

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1. Create a Trendy Retro Photo Effect in 3 Easy Stepsblog-spoon-retouch

Retro photo effects are all the rage! There’s plenty of apps to give your photos the vintage look in your iPhone, but what about your desktop images? Follow this super quick Photoshop tutorial to easily add a retro effect to your images in 3 simple steps, or just skip to the end and download the Action.

2. Professional Photograph Restoration Workflowrestoration

In this tutorial, we’ll take an in-depth look at restoring an old torn photograph. Restoring old family photos is something that you can do for your relatives and bring tears to their eyes, and yes this is a service you can offer to clients as well. Let’s take a look at a professional workflow for restoring old photographs to their former glory.

3. How to Clean up Your Photo Backgrounds in Photoshopclean-bg

In retouching you see this quite frequently, whether you’re using seamless paper, vinyl, a fabric hanging or a purpose built infinity cove, it’s going to get dirty. You have a couple of options, one is to check out some reviews on Amazon for handheld vacuum cleaners and have your assistant scoot around with it between shots.

4. How To Create a Realistic Painted Effect in Photoshopillustrat-effect-photo

There’s some talented artists out there who can hand paint stunning hyper-realistic art, but those kinds of skills are something us mere mortals can only dream of. Thankfully with the help of Photoshop it’s possible to create cool effects to mimic the style of painted images. In today’s tutorial I show you a few steps that will transform a photograph into a digitally painted piece of art with detailed brush strokes and blotchy colours.

5. Realistic Portrait Retouching With Photoshoprealistic-wrink-remover

Today’s designers and photographers need to have a varied skill set that sets them apart from the pack. One common skill that both can use is portrait photography retouching. This tutorial will make you a more effective retoucher and help keep your portraits looking clean and realistic. Subtlety is – going too far will only make the results noticeable. The best comment you can get after presenting a final image is “I didn’t even notice you did that”. Let’s get started!

6. How to create a grainy b&W high fashion photo effecthigh-grain-effect

In today’s Photoshop tutorial we’re going to play around with various image adjustments to recreate the emotive style of high fashion black and white photography. Typically these photographs feature many of the characteristics of old school 35mm film, such as heavy film grain and low contrast. Follow this step by step guide to quickly transform your own photos into artistic black and white pieces of art.

7. How to Enhance & Retouch an Image – Photoshop Tutorialpink-retouch

In this tutorial, It will share some of best enhancing and retouching techniques. You may know some of these techniques, and others, you may not. So, let’s get started.

8. Retouch photos with realistic perfect skingothic-retouch

Retouching skin is a common talking point for photographers, as there’s a fine line between lustrous smoothness and the dreaded plastic look. An overly airbrushed image makes subjects appear more like children’s dolls than real people, and robs them of their humanity and charisma.

9. Create a Dragan Style Portrait Effect in 5 Stepsdragon-stye

If you’re a photo buff of any level, you’ve most likely heard of or seen the amazing work of Andrzej Dragan. His portraits have a very high contrast and color style all their own. The effect is stunning and eye catching. It reveals a lot about the subject that the naked eye doesn’t get to see. A similar effect can be created in Photoshop with just a few simple steps. Lets take a look.

10. Retouch a Bland Model Portrait in Photoshopretouh-the-image

Sometimes retouching a portrait can be really tricky, specifically when dealing with model portraits. In this tutorial, we will be retouching a particularly difficult shot in which the subject has no makeup or dramatic lighting to emphasize the shot. Using Photoshop, you will be able to add makeup, repair flaws, and add some drama to this shot.

11. Apply a Color Effect to a Photocolor-effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to apply a color effect to a photo.

12. Wrinkle reductionwrinkle-container

Following her tutorial last month on fixing tired eyes, this month, burlesque photographer and retouch guru Tigz Rice shows how some digital make up produces the smoothest skin.

13. Adding a Realistic Tattoo the Easy Way with Photoshopretouch-tatto

The end goal of a good retoucher is to make their work appear invisible while creating some alternative reality. In this case we’re going to look at one method I use for adding a tattoo to an image while making it look like it’s really a part of the original photo.

14. Changing Your Backgroundchange-background

The end goal of a good retoucher is to make their work appear invisible while creating some alternative reality. In this case we’re going to look at one

15. Antique a Photo Using Textures in 3 Quick Stepsantique-photo

Nothing tells a story like an old photo. You can find sometimes find them by the box fulls at antique shops and thrift stores. Not only are they fun to look at, there also fun and easy to create in Photoshop with a couple of adjustment layers and a good grunge texture. Lets take a look how.

16. Create Light Leaks and Lomo Effects Using Actions in Photoshoplight-leaks

In this quick tip tutorial, we will explain how to create light leaks and lomo effects for you photos using actions in Photoshop.

17. Create a Lomo Effect in 3 Simple Stepslomoeffect

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 years then you’re probably familiar with the look of Lomography or “Lomo” style photos.

18. Skin Retouching Tutorialskin-retouching

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 years then you’re probably familiar with the look of Lomography or “Lomo” style photos.

19. Reducing Wrinkles With The Healing Brush In Photoshopreducing-wrinkes

n this tutorial, we’ll look at the Healing Brush, by far the best photo retouching tool in all of Photoshop, and how we can use it to easily reduce distracting skin wrinkles in an image. Notice how I said “reduce”, not “remove” wrinkles.

20. Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouchingretouch-female

In this tutorial, It will show you how to repair some image noise from a low-quality shot, and I will show you an extremely quick and easy way to smooth out a person’s face. The woman in this shot is not a model, and she has a lot of character so we don’t want to overdo it with the smoothing. We will make it look real and natural.

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