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Our favourite design posts from 2021

Happy new year we want to start this post by saying a huge to everyone who has read one of our blog post, and for those who have became a premium member. Your support is hugely appreciated and really motivate us to strive to produce the best possible content we can.

We wanted to use this post to look back at 2021 and some of our personal favourite posts we published on Creative Nerds through out 2021. We published over 125 posts in 2021 from free photoshop brushes to design screencasts. This is a great post we really enjoyed compiling together jam packed with some great blog posts to read through.

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This post is jam packed with design resources to use in your next design project. There’s vectors, icons, photoshop brushes and textures. A range of high quality resources to enjoy. The bundle is exclusive to subscribers part of our newsletter.

Fire flames free texture

This is a great authentic fire flames texture, which is a great free texture to use across your digital design projects and print artwork. This has to be one of the best ways to add an realistic fire effect across your designs. Its a texture we enjoyed creating and hope you apricate using across your designs. The texture 3000px by 3000px. The texture is 100% free to use however and where ever you please.

20 free vintage and retro fonts

Good free fonts to use across design projects can be a very challenging task. There some great free fonts out there, and this post is a great compilation of very best free vintage and retro you can download.

The best places for finding free stock videos

Video stock photography is a great way to incorporate some  free stock video footage from broad range of various clips into your web project. This post we cherry picked the very best places for finding HD quality free video footage you can download for free and start using in your projects.

Black and white free smoke texture

This a great free texture to use across your design projects. Its a black and white texture an authentic smoke background. The texture comes in a jpg format. The texture is 2500px by 2500px. A great free texture to download and instantly start using however you please including commercial or personal design projects.

5 Watercolor paint blots free Photoshop brush set

This is an watercolor paint effect brush set, which is a collection of 5 authentic paint blots for applying a great realistic paint effect to your designs, whether that be digital or print. The brushes are a large scale brushes great for high resolution design work.

15 creative examples of lettering and typography designs for inspiration

This is some great creative inspiration to get your creativity flowing. The post is a collection typography and lettering designs in the form of inspirational quotes. This post is a great source of inspirational not only is it showcasing world class artists, but creative typography with a motivational quote to inspire and motivate you when designing. The post includes a range of artists  specialise in typography, please click through and view there portfolios there’s outstanding artists featured in this post.

How to quickly create unique shapes using illustrator

This illustrator tutorial we will be sharing two techniques for creating unique vector geometric vector shapes in seconds. The tutorial is in the form of a video screencast to make it as easy, as possible to follow along with the tutorial.

Colorful bokeh background free texture

This is a very colourful vibrant bokeh portrait texture to use across your digital and print project. This is a great color bokeh background to use in your artwork for web background or photomanipulation. There’s a wide range of use for where this texture can be used, its a great your really enjoy using.

10 must listen to podcasts for designers and creatives

A great way to broaden your knowledge as designer is to listen to podcasts while your working. Podcasts can give you some great insightful insight into design from the perceptive of other designers.

29 Colorful spooky Halloween free vector elements

Halloween is certainly the spookiest day of the year, with that day rapidly approaching it would only be right to offer a free Halloween vector resource set to be used in your design  projects.

15 Tutorials for creating seamless patterns using illustrator

This tutorial round up is a collection of illustrator tutorials, which each step by step guides for how you can create seamless patterns. The post includes a range of tutorials suitable for any skill level whether that be a complete newbie or veteran illustrator user.

Painted light effect free texture

This is a great a futuristic light painted background texture, which is 2500px by 2500px. This a great texture we are pleased to add to our huge library of free texture and background. This us a great free texture you’ll really enjoy using through out out your digital design projects. This is one of many free backgrounds and textures you can download from our free texture category.

Colorful dotted free seamless vector pattern

A colorful seamless pattern set collection of vector patterns. It’s a great abstract pattern set perfect to use in print projects, as well as digital design. The set includes in total 4 unique patterns color schemes to choose from.  The pattern comes in both EPS and AI vector format to choose from to use in your projects. The pattern is 100% free so you download and start using throughout your projects instantly however you please.

How to turn a sketch into a Santa Claus illustration

We’re only weeks away from catching Santa Claus in our houses. This tutorial will show you how to create a Crazy Santa illustration from sketch that I’ve made for it. This is also a complex guide for creating characters from sketch. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advised.

10 free must download Halloween fonts

This is a collection of Halloween free fonts perfect to be used in your Halloween festive design projects. Its an essential list of fonts perfect for being used in a wide range of different projects from a Halloween themed poster or a digital design project. All these fonts have different licence usage, so don’t forget the terms of use for each free font.

Spray paint free Photoshop brush set vol 3

This is vol 3 to a popular photoshop brush set, which includes a collection of large scale spray paint brushes to use across your print and digital artwork. It’s a great free brush if you want the ability to apply an authentic spray paint effect to your design. This is a great versatile photoshop brush set that can be used in a wide range of different projects its a great brush set your really enjoy using through out your designs.

50 free landmark icons from all around the world icon set

This set of icons features famous landmarks from all around world from Buckingham palace to the statue of liberty in new York city. If your looking for an icon set that represents landmarks look no further, as this is the perfect set . The set of icons comes in both SVG and PNG file formats, perfect to be used across both digital and print based projects.

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