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50 free landmark icons from all around the world icon set

This post where revisiting a very popular icon set. You’ll really enjoy using in your design projects its a iconic icon set, which represent over 50 different countries

This set of icons features famous landmarks from all around world from Buckingham palace to the statue of liberty in new York city. If your looking for an icon set that represents landmarks look no further, as this is the perfect set . The set of icons comes in both SVG and PNG file formats, perfect to be used across both digital and print based projects.

Download the set of icons, and please do leave your thoughts on icons in the comments section below.

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Check out Freepik

A special thanks to the team over at Free Pik who have kindly crafted together this spectacular free Icon for Creative Nerds readers. Please download the icon set, and tell us what you think in the comments section.  Please do also check out Free Piks website. 

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The design resources distributed on Creative Nerds may be used in commercial and personal design projects, but may not be redistributed or modified for resell. Click here to find out more.


The icons included are:

  • National monument icon
  • Petronas towers icon
  • Notre Dome icon
  • Colosseum rom icon
  • Chrysler Building icon
  • Brandenburg Gate berlin icon
  • Hungarian Parliament icon
  • Cathedral Dome icon
  • Borobudur templeicon
  • Pisa tower icon
  • Taj Mahal icon
  • Great wall of China icon
  • Merllion Singapore icon
  • Fobidden city icon
  • Chicken Itza icon
  • Pagoda icon
  • Temple of heaven Bejiing icon
  • Mount Fuji icon
  • Matsumoto Castle icon
  • Tarii Gate icon
  • Milan Cathedral icon
  • Sheikh Zayed Motsque icon
  • Namdaemun Gate icon
  • Space Need icon
  • Cologne Cathedral icon
  • Louvre Musem Paris
  • Windmills Amsterdam icon
  • Arc de triophe paris icon
  • Church of the saviour icon
  • London Eye icon
  • and much more icons

Download below:

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