Learn How To Create A Photoshop Smoke brush Within Minutes


Something which is ever so popular is Photoshop brushes. Photoshop smoke brushes are widely used by a lot Photoshop designers. This is a quick tip which is super easy to follow which shows you how you can create a Photoshop brush in less than a couple of minuet.

Tutorial Details

Difficulty: Beginner

Tutorial estimation time: Under 5mins

Program: Photoshop

Resources used


Smoke stock photo curtsey of shutter stock.

End Result


Last week we created a brush pack using the same technique taught in this tutorial the set is available for download for free just click the download button.


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  • gillico

    Not to be overly pedantic but your content would be taken a lot more seriously if you could spell basic words like ‘Minutes’ properly.

  • scottAD

    WOW! That was MUCH easier that I thought it would be…

  • Free Vectors

    Very nice use of brush. Thanks for sharing

  • Paromita

    Amazing.Good use of brush.

  • Greatest ideas

    Useful article. Thanks for tutorial

  • Oblikovanje spletnih strani

    Cool and very nice brush!

  • Mao Mos

    Thanks man!!!!
    Cool tuto!

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