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How To Create A Striped Pattern In Photoshop Using Any Photo


This is a quick tip tutorial in the form of a screencast video. The tutorial will educate you on how to use photoshop to create a striped pattern, using almost any stock photo. There is a lot of various other methods for creating a striped pattern, but by far I  find this the easiest method to do so.

The tutorial is in HD making the tutorial incredible easy to follow, and takes no longer than a few minutes to achieve the end outcome.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and your more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section.


Tutorial Details

Difficulty: Beginner

Tutorial estimation time: 4 to 10mins

Program: Photoshop

Resources Needed:

This is the stock photo used in the tutorial, which you can download from Big Stock Photo. You don’t necessarily have to use this photo, just select any photo which has a lot of colors within the photograph.




The Tutorial:

Thirsty for more ?

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