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How to create a halftone background effect in Photoshop

In this short Photoshop tutorial where be showing you step by step how to create an ever so popular halftone background effect in a matter of seconds. This is a great effect that you can apply to your designs time and time again. Its certainly a technique worth having in your back pocket. The tutorial is the in form of a screencast, so should make it really easy to follow along and grasp the technique.


Video Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to Creative Nerds. Today’s screencast we’ll be sharing with you how to create a halftone effect using Photoshop.

So, we want to start off by selecting D on the keyboard to set our default background and foreground color as black and white. Then where going to draw out a square in the middle of the canvas. We’re then going to right-click on that square and select Blending Options, and then select Gradient Overlay. We want the gradient we select to be from black to white, so pure black and a pure white. And then, select the OK button. OK again.

And then, we’re going to head over to Filter > Pixelate, and then we’re going to select Color Halftone. And then, it will ask us if we want to turn our square into a Smart Object or a rasterize object. We’re going to turn it into a Smart Object, and we’re going to then select max radius to be 10, and the other channels will remain as 0. And then, we’re going to select the OK button, and there you go.

A beautiful halftone effect has been created in a matter of seconds, and this same technique can be applied to multiple different shapes, so you could do it to a circle, you could do it to a star, you could do it to all sorts of different shapes, and will get the same result. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for watching, and as always, stay tuned to Creative Nerds for further quick tips on how to use Photoshop.

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