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How to create a gear icon using Sketch

Today’s tutorial we are looking at one of my favourite design applications Sketch. In this tutorial we will show you how Sketch and how it can be used to create gear icon. The tutorial is in the form of a screencast to make it extremely easy to follow along with design tutorials and recreate a gear icon.

Tutorial Details

  • Program:Sketch
  • Time estimation: Under 5mins
  • Difficulty: Beginner



Video transcript:

Hello, and welcome to Creative Nerds.

Today we have a screencast to share with you on how you can use Sketch to create a gear icon. So, let’s jump straight into it.

We’re going ti start off by selecting insert tool, insert option sorry. And we’re gonna head over to shape, and we’re gonna select star, and we’re gonna hold on to shift, and we’re gonna drag out star in the middle of the canvas. I’m holding on to shift just to keep it in proportion and then we’re gonna add in some extra points. In total, we’re going to add in eight. And then we’re gonna head over to oval tool. To do that just hit “O” on the keyboard and that will bring you up. And we’re just gonna simply draw on to shift again to keep out the circle that we’re gonna draw out in the middle of the star. I want to just about curve the edges, but leaving a little bit of space behind the star to create like a short, a smaller of a triangle. And then we’re gonna do the circle in a different color. So you can differentiate between the star and the circle. And we’re going to remove the border from that circle. I’m then going  select both layers, and we’re going to select the option Intersect, and you’ll notice you will create this shape which is already started to form a gear. So we then want to select oval, which will bring up the circle full again. I’m just gonna draw out a small circle in the middle of our shape. And we’re gonna do it in a different color again, and then we’re gonna set both layers again. I’m just going center both shapes in the middle of the circle and then we’re going to select subtract, and there we will then take off the border.

And there you go. We created a gear icon in a matter of minutes. We’ve been editing, we’re doing Sketch, it’s that simple. If you want you can even add more points if you wanna change the look of the gear…

I hope you find this tutorial useful. Thanks for watching and stay tuned to Creative Nerds for further quick tips around Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned.

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