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photoshop brushes

Feb 15 2018

Coffee ring stains free Photoshop brush set


An authentic coffee stains Photoshop brush set to add real coffee stains to your designs within a matter of seconds. This is a great Photoshop brush set you’ll really enjoy using in your design projects, and completely free...

Apr 12 2017

Oil paint smudges free Photoshop brush set


This is an authentic Photoshop brush set of realistic oil paint  strokes. The perfect way to add authentic oil paint strokes to your design projects. The brush tip sizes are all hi-res, so can be assured the brush set will suit l...

Oct 20 2016

Blood stains free Photoshop brush set


This freebie is a gory blood stained Photoshop brush set. Perfect for more grungy or Halloween themed designs, the set includes various different large scale brushes. Its a great brush, which can really add a great authentic blood...

Jun 02 2016

Mascara strokes free Photoshop brush set


This is a another one of our great free Photoshop brushes. This is a set of mascara strokes, contains various different mascara strokes and is a superb unique brush set. If your a Photoshop brush lover will certainly be a great to...

May 09 2016

10 best free Photoshop brushes you must download


Today post is a blast from the past where looking back at 10 of the best Photoshop brushes published on Creative Nerds, Which we have bundled up into one download, or you can cherry pick your favourite ones to download. It’s a g...

Mar 10 2016

Scattered heart watercolor free Photoshop brush set


This is our very first scattered photoshop brush. This is perfect way to add a cool watercolor heart brush effect to your designs. The brush set comes with a few different options to choose from to use. The beauty of this brush ef...

Feb 18 2016

Wine stains free Photoshop brush set


We like to produce unique creative Photoshop brushes, and this set certainly falls into that category. This brush set is a collection of authentic wine stains, I’m sure can potentially be used in a variety of various differe...

Jan 11 2016

Rising smoke free hi-res Photoshop brush set


A unique Photoshop brush set which will certainly make an impact to your photo manipulations designs. The rising smoke brush set is a great hi res Photoshop brush to  use in your digital design projects or even print projects. Th...