Jul 10 2017

24 Old school tattoo illustrations free vector set


This weeks freebie is a superb design resource a tremendous vector set. The theme of the set is old school tattoo designs each as individual vectors with a clean vibrant modern twist to each tattoo illustration. The tattoo set is ...

Jul 03 2017

Best of the web for Design and Web Development June 2017


Wrapping up the end of June in the best way we know how to by reflecting back on some of our personal favourites in terms of design tutorials, and web articles. There’s some tremendous Photoshop and Illustrator typography ba...

Mar 20 2017

25 Beautiful realistic digital art portraits


Following up from our last inspirational post “35 realistic tattoo designs” where staying on theme of realistic designs by showcasing realistic digital art illustrations. This post features some superb portraits using ...

Apr 25 2016

Awesome Captain America illustration showcase


With launch of the new of new Captain America movie we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity to put together a showcase of some  jaw dropping Captain America illustration designs, for sure to serve as a great source ...

Apr 18 2016

30 Fresh new Illustrator tutorials from 2016


One of the best ways to sharpen your designs skills hands down has to be by doing design tutorials, where you can learn new techniques that can be applied to your designs. This round-up is focused on illustrator, and we have round...

May 20 2013

20 Tutorials For Creating T-Shirt Designs


This post is a great collection tutorials, which will educate you on how to use Photoshop and illustrator to create unique t-shirt designs. It’s fairly easy to create good designs to use on t-shirts these tutorials will show you...