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May 27 2013

How to add a drop cap to paragraphs in InDesign


This is a great technique which is commonly used in magazines, newspapers and newsletters. This tutorial will show you how to add a drop cap to paragraphs, which simple enlarges the first letter of a paragraph. It’s defiantly a ...

Mar 18 2013

How To Add Page Numbering Within Indesign


This is essential if you’re ever working on a magazine, newsletter or any other print work, which requires page numbering. This method of using master pages to number pages within a document is a huge time saver, rather than hav...

Feb 14 2013

How Wrap Text Around An Object In InDesign


If you’re a graphic designer, or just getting your feet wet with indesign this is a must know technique, which can be incorporated into almost any Graphic Design project. This design tutorial is a technique which you will be...

Jan 03 2013

How To Create A Clipping Mask In Indesign


This is a great video quick tip tutorial, which will show you how to create a clipping mask. A clipping mask which is a feature which is available in Photoshop, but not in Indesign. A clipping mask allows you to place an image ins...

Jun 29 2009

Best Of The Web June For Web/Graphic Design


Another great month within the graphic and design community with new illustrator tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, blogging articles, web design articles and a wide selection of the best freebies released on the web in May....