Jun 02 2016

Mascara strokes free Photoshop brush set


This is a another one of our great free Photoshop brushes. This is a set of mascara strokes, contains various different mascara strokes and is a superb unique brush set. If your a Photoshop brush lover will certainly be a great to...

Feb 18 2016

Wine stains free Photoshop brush set


We like to produce unique creative Photoshop brushes, and this set certainly falls into that category. This brush set is a collection of authentic wine stains, I’m sure can potentially be used in a variety of various differe...

Sep 03 2015

Pencil scribble strokes free photoshop brush set


Today’s free Photoshop brush set is another great one to add to your design inventory. This specific brush consists of large scale pencil scribbles hand scribbled to give it an ¬†authentic effect. It’s a great high-res...

Jun 11 2015

How to create a cloud Photoshop brush


An easy to follow Photoshop tutorial on how to to use Photoshop to create a cloud Photoshop brush set. When you learn this technique you can create your very own set of cloud brushes. It such a simple technique, which takes a matt...

Nov 27 2014

Soft watercolor smudges free Photoshop brush set


A hand crafted Photoshop brush set, created with a soft sponge and watercolour paints. This brush set is perfect to add finishing touches to your digital designs, and can be used in so many different ways. This is a really fun Pho...

Nov 13 2014

Hi-res free Cloud Photoshop brush set


A really cool realistic cloud photoshop brush. This brush is a great resource, for creating and adding an authentic cloud effect into your designs. The set includes a few different brush strokes to incorporate into your designs. I...

Aug 21 2014

Paint splashes free Photoshop brush set


A free hi-res Photoshop brush set which includes in total individual  four paint splash. We like to put as very little limitations on how and where you can use our resources on Creative Nerds. This brush set can be used in co...

Jul 22 2014

A Free Ink In Water Photoshop Brush Set


A unique Photoshop brush which is ink in water. The Photoshop brush is very similar to a smoke brush. The set is available to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects, so i hope you enjoy this free brush we hav...

May 08 2014

Tea stain splashes Photoshop brush set


This months free Photoshop brush consists of tea stained splashes, which can be used as a great way to add a vintage retro style effect to add to your designs. The brush set contain 5 unique individual brushes for you to incorpora...

Oct 10 2013

Gory Blood Photoshop Free Brush Set


A great gory blood Photoshop brush set to add to your collection, as well as a great way to add an authentic blood effect to your designs. The Photoshop brush set includes 6 Photoshop brushes within the set in total. The brush set...