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10 Free $50 Gift Vouchers From Stock Graphic Designs

  • February 25th, 2010
  • News


Welcome to day 4 of Creative Nerds huge 1st birthday giveaway, today we will be giving away to 10 lucky readers $50 gift vouchers to Stock Graphic Designs which has hundreds of vector sets and photoshop brushes.


10 $50 gift vouchers per 1 Commenter from Stock Graphic Designs

Stock graphic designs offers Premium vector files and Photoshop brushes who are offering 10 $50 gift vouchers per 1 Commenter from Stock Graphic Designs.

  1. Here’s a few sets from the large range of the premium brushes and vector which they offer

vector_and_brush_design_elements Vector_brush_hand_drawn_floral2 vector_t-shirt_templates vector_and_brush_building_Mega heraldry_vector_pack vector_and_brush_wings_mega vector_camouflage_mega

How To Enter

Write a short comment why you want the brush and vector sets, please don’t enter the competition more than once.

There will be three winners each winner will be decide through a random number generator also each winner will be contacted through E-mail who has won, so be sure to leave a valid email address. The winners be will Announced within this post.

Winner Will Be Annoched On The 3-March-2010 The Competition Ends on the 2-March-2010

Its also not to late to enter the other Giveaways From This week

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39 thoughts on “10 Free $50 Gift Vouchers From Stock Graphic Designs

  1. As a one man show who started as a developer, but now also wears the designer hat this would be a great way to build up my library.

  2. I have the Design Elements pack from this site and it is FANTABULOUS! I’d love the opportunity to get more items from this great supplier of Ps artwork. Pick me, pick me! ;)

  3. During these rough times, I dont really have the money/resources to be able to purchase design packs. Winning a gift certificate will be a great help and also expand my beginner designer library. Hope lady luck is on my side :)

  4. Hello, Creative Nerds. I feel sad and unmotivated, not having any possibilities to get such expensive stuff from the web. It would be so great to have those apparel or camo vectors since I’m starting to participate different contests for local clothing shops. I hope I’ll be lucky this time because I haven’t won any giveaway ever. Thanks for reading and thank you for a great content you provide. Greetings from Russia.

    All the best,

  5. I work for a non profit and we never have money for art work. I am trying to make the design as best it can with very limited resources. These would help me throw some jazz into my design and make my life much happier. This stuff is awesome.

  6. im a portuguese design student and im imagining me using some of the vector packs to create some awesome padron backgrounds :D

  7. Looks like a great group of products and I am always looking to expand my creative pallet.

    Vectors are a quick way of energizing your work, in web graphics and motion graphics.

  8. This is a set I would love to add to my library. I can mention many reasons why I want them or why I need them, but the bottom line is that everyone wants to win!!!

  9. those products looks amazing! and I would love to incorporate them into my photography where I like to use patterns and designs and placing them into my photos

  10. Hello Creative, I want those brushes beacuse I i’m studyin Graphic design and I have a competition in my collage. I wanna win this competition because they gona give me 100 dolars and I need it to buy a bamboo table.. thanks

  11. Not all designers are gifted with talent in illustration and that includes me, and winning the gift voucher would definitely boost my creativity with the brush and vector sets I can have with it. Count me in!

  12. I am a web designer and also a group of friends and I have recently started a Christian clothing line for charity. The vectors would help me out on many different levels!

  13. Vectors o my god , Vectors are like our vains man is a lot of work and love for design.

    thanks for the oportunnity

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